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Mandira Bedi's six-yard wonder

Last updated on: March 22, 2015 20:05 IST
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The TV presenter-turned-fashion designer attempted to give the Banarasi sari a contemporary twist.

Photograph: Uday Kuckian/

It was her spaghetti-strap blouses that made the sari so popular among cricket-lovers.

And while Mandira Bedi has come a long way since then, the one thing that she hasn't left her is her love for the sari.

Bedi's latest collection of saris (she has presented two collections earlier and you can see them here and here) is an attempt to merge tradition with innovative embellishments.

Thus, Bedi having zeroed in on the Banaras sari, fused the ancient weaves with modern designs and showcased a line of New Age Banaras beauties.

She created magic with the intricately interwoven gold, silver, zari and brocade.

Bedi's saris were bright...

And colourful.


And demure.

And instead of getting some pretty young celeb to close her show, Mandira Bedi had Shabana Azmi to be her showstopper.

As she would have said in her earlier cricket commentator avatar: "What a masterstroke!"


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