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#People-at-LFW: A blanket that became a shirt :P

March 22, 2015 19:10 IST
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We bring you interesting snapshots of people attending the Lakme Fashion Week here in Mumbai.

Text and photographs: Paloma Sharma

"This was a blanket before it became a shirt."

"What brings you to fashion week?" "I'm going to be a model."

"Why do you think that you should be a model?" "Because, I mean, I'm fab!"

"Since the last time we spoke, I've opened up a design studio. I'm doing men's couture. I've grown a lot... since August."

"It's too sunny to be posing!"

"I just gave up my job. I'm going to study fashion styling for a while in New York. Its been my dream since, I think, the 9th grade.."

"I bought it because it goes with everything."

Make up artists hard at work.

"Everyone designs clothes. I wanted to design jewelry!"

"I bought it from the exhibition upstairs. Its my birthday. So I thought, 'Why not?'"

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