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How I lost 27 kg and reversed diabetes

December 06, 2021 11:20 IST
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Rediff reader Siddhant Digvijay Jaitha, 38 from Kolkata tells us how he went from 106 to 79 kg in six months.

Siddhant Jaitha

IMAGE: Siddhant Jathia changed his diet and lifestyle and went from 106 kg to 79 kg in six months. Photographs: Kind courtesy Siddhant

A lot of people who know me may not know my story.

I am a businessman and used to take health for granted.

No matter what I did, I thought it would never affect me.

Although I was never over weight, for years I neglected my health due to which I became obese and started having health issues.

Over a period of five years I put on excess weight.

Around July 2017, when I did a regular health check up to test my sugar levels, I reported 225 in fasting.

That's when I visited Dr R Sadique who told me I have Type 2 diabetes.

I had reached 106 kg and also had border line thyroid.

This is when I decided to take life seriously and started taking guidance.

Dr Sadique suggested that I do weight training and kickboxing.

I trained under brilliant coaches such as Katherine Lee, Vinit Baptist, Shiba Banerjee and Rukmini Mehta.

I took this conscious effort to lose weight for the people who cared for me. I did not want them to suffer cause of me.

Today I can proudly say I have reversed my diabetes and almost reached my target weight close to what I was when I got married.

I'm 79 kg.

Losing weight is always a joint effort; you always need that extra push to get things back on track.

My friends from all over and close buddies Viranchi Zaveri and Angad Singh motivated me throughout.

I really want to thank all the supporters who helped me realise the importance of good health.

My daughter Pavika now proudly says 'Dad you are looking handsome.'

My workout and transformation

In the initial years, I tried crash dieting. I lost weight but gained it back on even faster.

It's only in the last 6 months that I changed my entire lifestyle.

I started eating healthy and was determined and focused to not only lose weight but to live a healthy life.

I started with light weight concentrating more on core exercises to build my stamina.

Currently, I am doing heavy weights with 45 minutes of kick boxing. My protein intake has increased too.

I train 6 times a week -- 3 days of kick boxing; 3 days of weight training and 1 day of golf.


Breakfast: 1 bowl papaya, 2 walnuts 2 almonds bowl of sprouts

Lunch: Spinach soup, salad and bowl of rajma

Dinner: 2 egg whites, 100 gm tofu and bowl of dal

Pre-workout meal: Green tea + half banana

Post-workout meal: Black coffee + half banana

On cheat days, I indulge in 2 slices wheat based pizza + 2 paneer roll

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Egg white omelette

My learnings

Do take care of your health.

It's the best gift you can give yourself and it's never too late to start.

Don't think that age is passing you by. Just be consistent and you will eventually get there. Nothing is impossible.

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