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How Genelia D'Souza taught her kids to eat healthy!

October 21, 2019 08:45 IST
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Syed Firdaus Ashraf/ asks Genelia D'Souza and Pooja Makhija about nutrition. And gets some interesting advice.
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Genelia D'Souza

Photograph: Kind courtesy Genelia D'Souza/ Instagram

When you walk into a pasty shop, or a cake store, and see all those delicious confections, your eyes will glaze over and your stomach will sound an appreciative rumble. 

But her kids, reveals Genelia D'Souza, will probably have a spoonful or two before leaving the rest of dessert along. 

They are not used to it, says the mother of two with a smile at the launch of Pooja Makhija's latest book, N For Nourish

The author and the actress made some more interesting revelations. 

Here's what motherhood taught Genelia about food. 

Need tips for eating healthy? Watch! 

You can cook healthy. Here's how. 

We asked Genelia, who's the fussier eater -- her kids or her husband Riteish Deshmukh! 

Can you break your unhealthy eating habits? 

Genelia's mother could be pretty strict, especially when it came to food. 

What's the three biggest nutrition mistakes Indians make? Here's the answer. 

And here's why you should have listened to your grandmother! 


Photograph: Kind courtesy Genelia D'Souza/Instagram

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