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This article was first published 6 years ago  » Getahead » This instructor will make you fall in love with yoga again!

This instructor will make you fall in love with yoga again!

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
March 20, 2018 11:38 IST
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Budokon mixed movement artist Melayne Shayne will inspire you to ditch the gym and embrace yoga. 

The newest kid on the health block is Budokon yoga.

Dubbed as a fusion of yoga, martial arts and animal locomotion, it translates to 'the way of the warrior spirit'.  

Among the many practicing this form of yoga is instructor Melayne Shayne, who is encouraging her 20,000 followers on Instagram to fall in love with Budokon Yoga.

Take a look at some of her pics!


Photograph: Courtesy @Melayne Shayne/Instagram
According to her, 'Bu-Do-Kon is the way of the warrior spirit.'
'Find the way in all your actions. Let this be your purpose,' she advises her followers.   



'I have rejected all feminine qualities and the mother archetype.

'I have miss-credited the feminine as inferior, weaker, dependent and powerless.

'I was driven by the self-destructive need of approval and validation.

'Now I am healing. Now I can see. Now I am listening.

'Now I am integrating in the unity of opposites of feminine and masculine. This is our heroine‘s journey, sisters,' she writes.



For Mel, Budokon yoga is that constant dance between fight and surrender, courage and wisdom, rise and fall, masculine and feminine, yoga and martial arts.



Mel during a Budokon mobility class. She started with classical ballet at the age of three. She practiced jazz dance and always loved to move her body.

'I started exploring free form movement early last year and it sparked my passion for self expression and creativity in a new unexpected way.

'I love the complexity of it as it challenges my brain, I love the freedom in it as it allows for endless possibilities,' she captioned this pic.



Strong is the new sexy!


Mel B

She was introduced to this form of yoga by none other than Cameron Shayne, the man who developed Budoken Yoga. 


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