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Skinny to Miss Muscular: Meet India's Steffi Dsouza

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
April 29, 2019 07:45 IST
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Steffi Dsouza's incredible body transformation will amaze you.

There are girls who will follow fad diets and go to any lengths for that perfect size zero or an hour glass frame.

And then there are girls like Steffi D'Souza who go from skinny to muscular in a healthy fashion and inspire others too.

Mumbai based Steffi was 17 when she signed up to train her body for physique sports.

In 2017, she hit her mark when she participated and won three big titles -- Maharashtra Shree 2017, Miss India Women's Physique 2017, Amateur Olympia Women's Physique 2017.

In the last 12 years, she's turned into a fitness coach and influencer helping girls like her chase their a healthy way.

This is how she did it.

Steffie Dsouza

IMAGE: From a skinny girl to a fitness coach and influencer, Steffi has come a long way.Photographs: Kind courtesy Steffi Dsouza

Steffie Dsouza

IMAGE: Steffi gets her inspiration from her body builder grandfather and former Mr Bombay Tony D’Souza.

Steffie Dsouza

IMAGE: Want a fit body or abs or a flat stomach? 'You won’t get it while being on bed and eating junk,' she says. 'Make better and healthy choices to transform yourself into a better version of you.'

Steffie Dsouza

IMAGE: Steffi believe that strong girls are not afraid to lift weights. In fact, she loves deadlifts.
'Deadlifts engages all the major muscle group in your body,' she points out.

Steffie Dsouza

IMAGE: Check out her amazing transformation year on year. She's raring to go, always trying out new regimes and pushing the envelope.
'Working out amazes me so much even after training for 12 to 13 years there's still so much to extract and to learn,' Steffi revealed.

Steffie Dsouza

IMAGE: Hip thrusts, squats, pushups, weights -- Steffi believes that you must try a combination of exercises to get maximum benefits.
'The pushup is an effective upper body and core strengthening exercise. It uses the body's weight working against gravity to strengthen muscles. push-ups strengthens chest, firms and tones the arms and stabilise the core, or abdominal, muscles.'
'Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, and more.'
'It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood.'

Steffie Dsouza

IMAGE: Just like anyone who works out, the fitness coach believes in occassional indulgence. 
'Treat to self is a must once in a while,' she captioned this picture of churros, fruits, nuts and dessert.

Steffie Dsouza

IMAGE: That's her posing with some of her achievements. 

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