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This article was first published 5 years ago  » Getahead » African schoolgirls just received this special gift from Miss World Manushi Chhillar

African schoolgirls just received this special gift from Miss World Manushi Chhillar

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: July 24, 2018 11:52 IST
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The Miss World was in South Africa during the 100th birthday celebrations of late Nelson Mandela.

Miss World Manushi Chhillar visited South Africa to launch the very first 100 per cent compostable sanitary pad manufacturing unit at Mvezo, the birthplace of Nelson Mandela on his 100th birthday celebrations. 

The unit was launched less than 50 meters away from the home where Mandela was born.

'President Mandela was the greatest supporter of a women's right to equality,' wrote the Miss World organisation on their Instagram page. 

'He often commented on the urgent need to solve the problems faced by the girl child when she begins menstruation,' they added. 

Manushi, who has in the past used the Miss World platform to highlight the urgent need for increased menstrual hygiene in India, is doing her best to break the taboo around periods in India and across the world. Her visit coincides with the GST on sanitary napkins in India being waived off. 

Commenting on the GST waiver, Manushi said: 'When a girl understands that her body is a gift and doesn't limit her in any way is when she will truly feel empowered.

'The revised GST on sanitary pads will surely make more girls feel that their needs are respected and menstruation doesn't limit them in any way.'

At the event, she explained how her Menstrual Hygiene project had started as an awareness programme.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who listened with rapt attention to Manushi's speech, had some kind words for the Miss World. 

'Julia Morley has contributed for many years to South Africa, and you (Manushi) are all doing great work,' he said.

'I can see this making a real difference to many young girls in South Africa.'

'A new milestone achieved!' wrote the Miss World on Instagram.

'Nelson Mandela said that poor menstrual hygiene was one of the three reasons why girls were facing inequality as compared to boys.

'It was an honour to inaugurate the first sanitary pad manufacturing unit set up by us in South Africa along with his excellency, President Cyril Ramaphosa. 

'Work has already started and the first batch of 100 per cent compostable, low cost sanitary pads have been produced!

'Two shifts of six to eight women, and one supervisor each have been trained to operate the unit providing employment to the women of Mvezo.

'Around 2000 pads will be produced everyday and no girl shall feel uncomfortable while attending school.

'We already have more than 40 of these units running across 12 states of India,' she added.

Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle and Miss World 2014 Rolene Struass pose with the locals. 

Rolene Struass and Manushi poses and pout for the cameras.

'Here's to the invisible bond that comes with the crown dearest Rolene,' Manushi captioned this pic. 

'Sharing the same passion, I am so happy to have finally met you.

'We have made some great memories even though the trip was short. Thank you for joining me in my project!'

200 blankets and winter hats were handed out to the elderly at the newly opened centre. There were also 100 bicycles donated to school children.

 Julia Morley of the Miss World organisation shares a laugh with the president. 

On her return from South Africa, Manushi stopped at London for a short weekend before getting back to work. 

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