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How this 30 YO consultant lost over 15 kg in 60 days

By Navneet
November 04, 2019 10:18 IST
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Rediff reader Navneet, 30 from Vadodara tells us how he lost 15 kg with the right diet and exercise. 

Navneet went from 75 kg to 59.5 kg in two months

IMAGE: Navneet brought his weight down from 75 kg to 59.5 kg in just two months. Photograph: Courtesy Navneet 

I work as a technical consultant in the oil and gas sector.

Until a decade ago, I used to be very thin. My waist was just 26 inches.

But I started gaining weight because of the sedentary nature of my job.

I would eat junk for as many as 4 to 5 days a week.

I was misguided and used poor quality of mass gainers. Besides, I was not aware of the side effects of using substandard mass gainers.

In December 2010, my weight had touched 78 kg.

My wife would constantly encourage me to lose weight, but I never took her seriously. 

Nine years later, nothing much had changed. In July 2019, I weighed approx 76 kg.

The inspiration

Some time in July 2019, I saw a photo of myself and realised how fat I had become. I took it up as a challenge to get back in shape.

I watched random videos on YouTube which described easy methods to calculate calories in the food. I learned how salads can help you to lose weight.

I was not certain if it would work, but I was determined to try.

I tried by preparing a simple Excel program for tracking calorie intake and saw amazing results within a week’s time.

After some trial and errors, I arrived at this diet that worked for me.

I had been going to the gym regularly for 4 years, but was not able to get in shape.

I work out 5 to 6 days in a week.

I train my abs every alternate day and I focus on weight training as below.

Day 1: Shoulder + abs
Day 2: Biceps
Days 3: Back + Abs
Day 4: Triceps
Days 5: Chest + Abs
Day 6: Legs + Abs

I try to hit all sections of abs -- upper, middle, lower and obliques.

For abdomen, I do Russian twist, hanging leg raises, mountain climbers and chair sit ups.


I take 5 meals per day so that I don't suppress the metabolism rate.

I don't starve myself but pay attention to control my portion of intake.

Pre-workout meal: Black coffee or green tea

Post-workout meal: 5-6 boiled eggs without yolk

Breakfast: 2 plain dosa (without oil) with groundnut chutney/ 2 idlis with groundnut chutney

Approx after 2.30 hours: 1 full plate of salad (1 cucumber, 1 carrot, 1 bell pepper, 1/4th papaya)

Lunch: 2 roti (without oil)/ 130 to 140 gm cooked rice + any dal/vegetable curry (1 cup)

Snack (approx 3 hours after lunch): 170 gm of dried chicken/ 1 fillet of fish + 2 figs

Dinner: 2 plain rotis (without oil)  or 130 to 140 gm cooked rice + any dal/vegetable curry (1 cup)

There are no cheat days for me. But if I have to celebrate, I'd prefer a small portion of chicken biryani.

Lessons learned

I have learned that going to the gym regularly and working out regularly will not help you lose weight. We need to focus and be critical about the things we are consuming.

Calorie deficit and eating clean is the first step for losing weight.

Sugar, sweets, oil and food from restaurants are the real culprits.

Working out will help you with better and faster results.

Tips for readers

Going to fancy gyms will simply not work. Instead concentrate on what you consume. 

Try to calculate the calories you consume per day.

Do not merely engage in cardio exercises; also focus on weight training which will help you boost your metabolism and build muscles.

Always do cardio after weight training.

Do HIIT (high intensity training) at least twice a week.

Track your progress weekly or biweekly which will motivate you to stay on track.

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