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Fat to Fit: This foodie lost 21 kg in 7 months

Last updated on: June 05, 2018 10:07 IST
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Rediff reader Sidharth Jain, 28 from New Delhi tells us how he lost weight.

Sidharth Jain

Sidharth Jain weighed 111 kg. He weighs 90 kg now. Photograph: Kind courtesy Sidharth Jain

Since my college days, I liked eating fast food.

I was a true foodie due to which my weight increased gradually.

At one point, I weighed 111 kg.

Motivation to lose weight

Whenever I went to a relative's house or met my friends at parties, they would always say that I have became fatter than before.

They'd tell me about the health hazards related to weight gain and ask me to control my weight.

One day, I went to buy some ready-made clothes.

I wanted something stylish. But the salesman told me that they don't have stylish ones for my size.

I felt embarrassed and decided to lose weight so that I could wear anything I wanted to.

My weight loss journey

I joined a gym with a personal trainer.

On the first day, my trainer told me to remain motivated and control my diet.

In the first week I spent 45 minutes in the gym.

My entire body started paining. But I did not lose hope and continued to go to the gym.

After about 20 to 25 days, my body got used to the schedule. I started enjoying it too.

I increased my gym schedule to 1 hour 30 minutes per day.

I lost 2 kg in first month.

In subsequent months, with continue gym and diet control, I lost an average of 3 kg per month.

I lost 21 kg in 7 months.

How I stayed motivated

My personal trainer always kept me motivated.

After three months of joining the gym, I started getting good comments from my friends and family.

My clothes started fitting me, which made me feel good.

My diet plan

Morning: A glass of warm water with honey and lemon.
Breakfast: A glass of coconut water, 3-4 brown bread slices with raw cucumber/tomato. After 4 months, I started eating peanut butter with brown bread.
Lunch: Brown rice with dal and a plate of green salad with buttermilk for 2 months.
After two months, I eliminated brown rice from my diet and started eating chapatis with dal/ paneer. I avoided white rice.
An hour after lunch, I drink green tea.
Evening: Fresh vegetable/fruit juice
Dinner: One scoop isolate protein, 5-6 egg white (without yolk) or papaya. On Tuesdays, only papaya.
Sundays were always cheat days, but only during dinner. I followed my diet for breakfast and lunch.

I also want to tell you that I don't eat chicken/non veg, but I had eggs.


I do 30 minutes cardio, 15 minutes sides/abs and 50 minutes weight lifting concentrating one muscle part per day, 6 days a week.

Lessons learned

For weight loss, 80 per cent is diet and 20 per cent workout.

I noticed that sugar is the enemy to weight loss. To lose weight, one has to stay away from sweet bakery items, pastries and aerated drinks which contain a lot of calories.

Weight loss is a journey in which one learns a lot and changes his lifestyle to lead a healthy life.

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