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This article was first published 4 years ago  » Getahead » 500 m to 21 km: How I lost 15 kg by running

500 m to 21 km: How I lost 15 kg by running

By Rushil Zambare
Last updated on: June 04, 2020 21:46 IST
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Rushil Zambare, 29 from Thane shares his inspiring fitness journey. You can share yours too!

Rushil Zambare went from 90.3 kg in 2018 to 75.9 kg in 2020

IMAGE: Rushil weighed 90.3 kg in 2018. He changed his lifestyle and lost 15 kg. Photographs: Courtesy Rushil Zambare

During college days, I weighed around 72 kg. But in 2012, I got a corporate job and slowly, things began to change.

There was very less physical activity and lot of eating.

I’m a foodie and used to blog on

Although I was always interested in working out and running since childhood, I never took it very seriously till 2018.

I worked in Bengaluru for 1 year. I was away from family and had to often eat outside.

My weight was 90.3 kg.

I understood the importance of following a healthy diet and how home cooked food and calorie deficit diet was important.

During this time, I suffered from heart burn and felt lazy all the time.

I was being treated for Piles; the doctor had advised me to get it operated. That's when I understood that the human body is a temple and whatever you put inside is what will reflect.

Since then I follow the simple mantra: You are what you eat.

The transformation

Rushil Zambare

IMAGE: (left) After running 5 km and (right) after completing a half marathon.

I started off with 5 km runs by participating in marathons. My first run took me 50 minutes and I could only run a part of 500 m that time. The remaining journey I completed by walking or jogging.

Gradually, I started dieting with the help of my dietician.

I do one 21 km marathon once in 2 months.

In November 2019, I started my fitness journey by joining cross fit. And that has helped me gain immense strength and maintain a positive attitude towards life.

With running, cross fit and by maintaining a healthy diet I have lost approximately 15 kg.

I currently weight 75.9 kg.

Staying healthy in lockdown

Rushil Zambare

IMAGE: Working out at home

I have started doing home workout routine with my gym trainer.

Since 2 weeks I have started running at home. In two years, I have completed over 20 marathons -- starting with 5 km and gradually covering 10 and 21 km.

In the lockdown, I’m jogging 5 km thrice a week at my home along with the workouts which are saved on Instagram TV by my trainer in the morning around 7:30 am which involves cross fit and weight training.


I started my diet in the year 2018 with the help of my nutritionist. My diet is as follows:

  • I start my day with hot water, banana and elaichi before workout in the morning
  • Post workout: A glass of butter milk
  • Breakfast: Boiled moong or besan chilla
  • Lunch: Chapati, vegetables, dal and salad
  • Evening: Fruits and peanuts (8 to 10 nos)
  • Dinner: Chapati and vegetables, dal and salad
  • I avoid dairy products, packed and crunchy snacks, alcohol

Tips for readers

Rushil Zambare

Rushil believes that a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude is the key to staying fit.

Start slow. This is not a race where you have to become fit in 3 months or a year.

Give yourself time; spend at least one hour a day and you will see the results.

Don’t race and compare your progress with anyone.


Have you recently lost weight or survived a serious health condition?

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