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Are birth control pills better than condoms?

June 13, 2017 09:40 IST
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Birth control pills assure 99.9 per cent success in preventing pregnancy while condoms are only 82 per cent successful.


Are you concerned about choosing the right contraception or birth control measure as per your age?

Contraception or birth control refers to a strategy or gadget that is used to prevent pregnancy.

The process of planning, and making proper utilisation of anti-conception measures is known as family planning.

There are several contraception measures which exist in modern day, owing to vast technological advancements.

It is important for you to choose a birth control measure which is most suitable for your age.

Here is a list of the various birth control or contraception measures you can avail:

Birth control pills

Birth control pills help in preventing pregnancy when taken at the right time. Birth control pills assure 99.9 per cent success in preventing pregnancy.

You can also avail emergency birth control pills which are effective as well but are associated with adverse side effects.

A combination pill is also used for this purpose.


A condom is a bag which resembles a tube-like bag. It is latex made and has to be rolled over the penis for preventing sperm from entering the vagina.

This measure is considered to be effective in protection against STDs or sexually transmitted diseases.

Condoms assure 82 per cent success in preventing pregnancy. They restrict the direct contact of a penis with a vagina.

Condoms account for being the most common contraception, which is ideal for all ages.

Vasectomy in men

This is a birth control measure that is applicable only for men.

It is a surgical procedure and is an ideal permanent birth control measure in men.

During the procedure, the sperm tubes are removed. As a result, no sperm can be produced, making men incapable of making a woman pregnant.

Cervical Cap

This is a flexible and soft covering which fits over a woman’s cervix in order to prevent the entry of sperm into the uterus.

It has to be filled with spermicide before use.

This is a good option if you want to avoid hormonal effects that are associated with pills, shots, patches, and implants.

You can leave this cap over your cervix for 48 hours and can have multiple sessions of intercourse during the time in between.

Contraceptive sponge

This is a round shaped sponge that is meant to fit into the vagina.

It contains spermicide and helps in killing sperms on entering the vaginal tract.

This birth control measure is subjected to side effects such as toxic shock syndrome.

It is important for you to consult a doctor before choosing contraception measures apart from condoms.

It is necessary for you to find out, if you are prone to any risks for using the particular contraception you opted for.

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