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5 simple beauty tips to get that festive GLOW

By Karishma Kansagra
October 28, 2019 09:04 IST
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The only way to wake up with fresh dew-like skin in the morning is to remove the make up the night before, Karishma Kansagra.

How to get a fresh and flawless skin

Image published for repres Photograph: Pradeep Bandekar

The secret behind perfect skin might be to do with your genes combined with some top-notch habits.

Of course, genes are impossible to recreate for others.

But the regimen can definitely help your natural skin attain the unerring look you seek.

1. Quit smoking your youth away

India might have the highest tobacco production but you really don’t need to make your contribution to the cause.

Smokers often smoke either to relieve stress, for the sheer pleasure of it or under peer pressure to fit in. Although do we consider how truly unhealthy it is?

Smoking narrows down the blood vessels of outer most layers, resulting in lower levels of blood flow to the skin.

Healthy blood flow brightens up your skin and provides a natural glow. But smoking or consuming tobacco in any form strangles that blood flow.

The consequence is right out there, your skin ends up looking dry and dull. Furthermore, it damages the collagen and elasticity which results in wrinkles at an early age.

So the next time you succumb to that addiction, remind yourself it does more harm than you fathom. 

2. Replace trending with evergreen 

Implementing new trends such as the K-beauty regimes that promote facial massages for healthy skin is the in-thing.

But Ayurvedic methods have been promoting stimulating face massages for 5,000 years or maybe more.

Regular massage rejuvenates your skin layers and improves the blood circulation.

Besides, there are many facial massage videos are available online through which you can target each facial muscle for better elasticity.

You can also add a touch of your favourite moisturiser to soften the massage technique.

Just apply an ample amount of moisturizer on your face equally and massage in a circular motion for 10 to 15 minutes.

This will clear your skin, and boost blood circulation, giving you naturally beautiful skin.

Lastly, overdoing it is also not recommended so the ideal schedule to massage your face should be twice a week for healthy skin.

3. Clean up after a workout session

The list of benefits through daily exercising will go on and on but a very visible benefit of regular workout is glowing skin.

When in front of the mirror of your gym, you might notice a bright blush on your skin.

That is increased blood flow which gives a natural glow all day long. But with extreme grinding during gym hours, you will also get an extreme level of sweat.

An intense workout session surfaces the skin toxins and sweat which can clog the pores if not wiped clean.

To avoid toxins, take a cool shower immediately after gym or yoga session.

This will wash off all the germs and toxins off of your skin and will leave only the radiating body parts.

In case, your gym does not have a shower facility, and the distance between the gym and home is more, you should wipe your sweat with an alcohol-free skin toner.

4. Get that beauty sleep 

The hype about beauty sleep is entirely correct. The amount of sleep you get affects your health and skin to a great extent.

During bedtime, your body and especially your skin are on repair mode. At this time, your blood flow increases and build the collagen which helps you have naturally soft and glowing skin.

After a night-long party, the most immediate effect you will notice is dark circles, puffy eyes and dull skin.

Luckily, for party girls like you, these temporary conditions are curable through easy DIY methods you can find online.

However, the same sleep schedule if continued for long can result in sleep deprivation, hyperpigmentation, and soggy skin. So, be careful about how much you sleep.

5. Never ever sleep in your make-up

The only way to wake up with fresh dew-like skin in the morning is to remove the make up the night before.

Many celebrities like Priyanka Chopra prefer wiping their skin before sleep. And the harmful effects of too much makeup is the only reason behind this routine.

The makeup creates a barrier for your pores to open and breathe. And eventually, it attracts acne-prone bacteria.  

Once in a while, a night of sleep with makeup might be okay. As it does not damage your skin in the longer run.

But if your profession includes applying makeup every day, then you should definitely cleanse your makeup before sleeping. 

Remember that having flawless skin is never an easy task.

These habits will take time to settle in and start reaping benefits. So, remember to follow a daily skin routine to celebrate the natural beauty that you are. 

Karishma Kansagra is co-founder of Herb Island, a personal care brand.

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