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This article was first published 4 years ago  » Getahead » 5 morning habits that are good for your body

5 morning habits that are good for your body

By Ameve Sharma
Last updated on: March 09, 2020 08:24 IST
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Apart from keeping our weight in check, a daily detox routine can also help in keeping our bodies disease-free, says Ameve Sharma.

Morning habits that are good for your body

Image published for representational purposes only. Photograph: Courtesy bikramyoga/Instagra

A happy gut always brings out the happy you.

A smooth bowel movement and a healthy appetite -- both signs of good gut health -- are not all about the gastronomic choices that we make.

It’s also about how we naturally neutralise the harmful aspects of modern life on the gut microbiome -- countless useful microorganisms mostly comprising bacteria.

Sleep deprivation, binge eating packaged and fast food, excessive consumption of antibiotics wreak havoc on the gut health.

A damaged gut adversely affects your skin, heart, immunity, hormone levels, weight, etc.

Such is the impact of an unhealthy gut on the overall health and mood that the theme of a successful Bollywood multi-starrer five years back revolved around bowel movement.

However, if you dedicatedly and consistently follow some morning rituals which are simple and doable, you will be able to maintain good gut health. 

1. No mobile phones or social media for at least an hour after waking up.

We live in a day and age when being connected through mobile phones and on social media is the in-thing.

Cellphone addiction and overuse of social networking platforms can lead to serious psychological and physiological disorders like anxiety, depression and insomnia.

In order to maintain mental equilibrium, it becomes necessary to remain disconnected during a particular time period in the day. 

It is highly important that we make a fresh start to our mornings. This can be achieved by staying away from our mobile phones and laptops for at least an hour after we wake up.

2. Consuming a detox drink on an empty stomach

Toxic substances in the form of preservatives, contaminants, pesticides and pollutants enter our body through the food we eat and the water we drink.

These toxins often get deposited in our bodies which interfere with the smooth functioning of our systems.

Detoxifying our bodies can help flush these harmful substances out and help restore the normal functioning of our bodies.

Apart from keeping our weight in check, a daily detox routine can also help in keeping our bodies disease-free.

A healthy detox drink can comprise of anything from a daily glass of warm water to green tea.

Case in point here is the magic potion Wheatgrass juice. This drink has the power to boost immunity and deep-cleanse the gut.

Made from organically-grown ingredients, the wheatgrass is purely natural and does not contain any added colours or flavours.

Instead, it derives its green colour from the pigment chlorophyll, an antioxidant occurring in its natural state and having the capacity to strengthen the blood.

It cleans the intestine which prevents bloating, reduces gas and lowers risk of constipation. 

A credible way to detoxify your system would be to consume apple cider vinegar with a glass of water mixed with wild honey. It wipes out the toxins from the body and hydrates it.

Consuming probiotic gummies is another effective option to protect the gut health, as probiotics facilitate the growth of good bacteria and control the proliferation of bad bacteria.

In addition, one can include fibre-rich foods like oats and its healthier variant rolled oats enriched with the goodness of moringa and turmeric, for breakfast.

3. Meditation and deep breathing exercises

Meditating and deep breathing are to the mind what jogging is to the body.

It helps us connect to our inner self and deal well with everyday stress. With our mental and emotional clutter taken care of, Meditation helps us live balanced lives.

Deep breathing exercises keep heart rates and blood pressure under control.

Controlled breathing in the form of pranayama is the key to attaining enhanced levels of alertness, thereby striking a balance between mind and body.

Improved blood circulation and posture, courtesy breathing exercises, can facilitate easy digestion and also increase energy levels.    

4. Jogging, running, yoga and exercise

Having a regular exercise routine in the form of jogging and yoga is key to having a calm mind and healthy body.

A brisk walk in the morning can help the pancreas secrete optimum insulin, consequently maintaining the required sugar levels in our body.

Besides that, it also contributes to cardiovascular fitness, muscle strengthening, and building of strong bones. 

5. Be grateful for all that you have

We also need to remember that our existence on this planet is finite.

As we progress in life, creating milestones and achieving them, we should not forget our gratitude to everyone who has been instrumental in making our lives easier, even if in a small way.

Ameve Sharma is founder Kapiva, a food start-up. He can be contacted on

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Ameve Sharma