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This article was first published 9 years ago  » Getahead » 10 health benefits of sex

10 health benefits of sex

September 10, 2014 13:05 IST
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Health benefits fo sexHere are the amazing fringe benefits of getting into the sack!

1. Cardio
The heart rate goes up, accelerating the caloric burn. It won't substitute for a cardio workout but it is much better than watching televisions!

2. Increases immunity to diseases
Those who have regular sex have higher levels of disease fighting antibodies.

3. Lowers heart attack risk
When the heart rate goes up, the muscles of the heart are being strengthened by pumping blood faster. A strong heart reduces the risk of heart disease.

4. Lowers blood pressure
Many studies suggest that sex lowers the blood pressure levels. High BP is indicative or can lead to a number of health hazards.

5. Lowers stress levels
Sex releases a "feel good" hormone. This lowers stress and increases confidence.

6. Gives you a good night’s slumber.
 Wonder why you or your partner roll off and fall asleep soon after?
A sleep inducing hormone is released post sex which gives you a peaceful night's sleep.

7. Strengthens the pelvic floor improving bladder control.
The pelvic contractions during sex help to strengthen the floor of the pelvis. This in turn helps to improve bladder control.

8. Boosts mental health
The "feel good" hormone leaves you feeling happier and more confident. Regular sex can then make this a more permanent state of mind.

9. Relieves pain
An ache, pain, PMS symptom suddenly disappears. This happens because of a pain easing hormone that is released.

10. Increases intimacy
Psychological benefits equal health benefits. The more often you engage in sex, the greater the intimacy which leads to a feel good factor and confidence which in turn has a positive effect upon your health.

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