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Have you met Twinkle's adorable pets?

By Rediff Get Ahead
May 13, 2021 13:39 IST
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A glimpse into the starry life of Twinkle Khanna's pets.

Pssst! Dogs certainly rule the hearts of the residents of this household.

IMAGE: Twinkle shares a CUTE moment with her pet beagle.
'Alex and I have an uneasy relationship. I am not sure if he likes me or he thinks I am the top dog in this particular territory so he pretends to like me,' she wrote along with this pic on Instagram.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Twinkle Khanna/Instagram


IMAGE: Her daughter Nitara is also fond of pets.


IMAGE: That's Cleo in the background.
Don't get carried away by Cleo's calm demeanor.
According to Twinkle, 'Cleo is not as calm as she appears.'


IMAGE: 'Destruction is exhausting business, or so claims Alex, after he tried toppling an out of work Christmas tree and in return is now lying down panting on the floor,' Twinkle captioned this pic.


IMAGE: Alex sitting on Twinkle's couch, eating a piece of buttered toast stolen from her plate.
'I am not sure if I have trained him into behaving better or he has trained me into accepting bad behaviour,' she shares.

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