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Vote! World Cup's most stylish uniforms

Last updated on: February 23, 2015 19:52 IST
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Which country has the most stylish uniform of them all? Tell us! :-)

With so much colour on the cricket field these days, it's only fair to ask you, our dear readers, to vote for the most stylish uniform, isn't it?

Let's start with the good folks who invented cricket, shall we?

They may not have won a single World Cup but the Adidas-designed blue-on-navy blue does make them look dapper.

How about winning a match or two now, eh Eoin?

Photograph: Anthony Phelps/Reuters

New Zealand

You cannot go wrong with black. And the Kiwis know it best.

They have it as their national colour (and the colour of their uniforms for every game they play)!

Photograph: Anthony Phelps/Reuters


They may be India's nemesis in this World Cup, but the Aussies do look cheerful in that yellow, don't you think? Call it canary yellow at your own risk :-)

Photograph: Hamish Blai/Reuters


Can the colours of a flag make for a great style statement?

Unless it's the Union Jack, we're not so sure. Are you?

Photograph: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Sri Lanka

The other Boys in Blue who gave us a tough fight in the finals last World Cup...

Do they make the cut?

Photograph: Anthony Phelps/Reuters


And another team that is drawn by the same colour... tsk tsk

Photograph: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images


Proof that you can try to copy us as much as you want, there's just one original :-)

Photograph: Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images


Ok get this, the Scots missed their photo shoot for the official headshots that the ICC arranged because, and you may have to sit down for this, their new uniform did not arrive in time!

Scotland's new tee has tartan sleeves (the only team that has checks on its uniform btw) and looks rather interesting, we thought.

If only their manufacturers had managed to deliver the package in time... from China!

Photograph: Martin Hunter/Getty Images

South Africa

The Chokers haven't exactly gone for any drastic change in their wardrobe in this World Cup. Do you think they should?

Photograph: Nigel Marple/Reuters


Or does Pakistan's green get your vote?

Photograph: David Gray/Reuters


Would you rather vote for Ireland's wardrobe?

Photograph: Anthony Phelps/Reuters


Or does Zimbabwe's bromance get your nod?

Photograph: Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

West Indies

Do you think the uniform of the Windies could do with a makeover?

Photograph: Anthony Phelps/Reuters


Or do you just like UAE's smart grey ensemble?

Photoraph: Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Take the poll below and tell us!



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