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Vaishali S unveils new collection at New York Fashion Week

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
February 14, 2018 09:50 IST
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This was the Mumbai-based designer's fourth consecutive NYFW show.

Vaishali S NYFW 2018

A glimpse of Vaishali S's Fall/Winter 2018 collection Paroksh, which uses striking boondi embroidery and assymetric silhouettes.
Photograph: @vaishalisstudio/Instagram.


Vaishali S, who had debuted at the New York Fashion Week in 2016, returned to the premium fashion event for a fourth consecutive edition.

She unveiled her Fall/Winter 2018 collection titled Parokh -- The Veiled Reality at NYFW, which is considered one of the big four fashion weeks. 

In a note on Facebook, Vaishali S, who lives and works in Mumbai, wrote, 'Paroksh- Fall/ Winter 18 emerges taking inspiration from a tiny occurrence of an incident on the infinite fabric of consciousness personified as a pattern of seed and fruit. We easily acknowledge the fruit as incident unaware about the seed, which might have been roped far away in the cosmos by someone else and had been slowly nurturing under the soil of creation.'

In Paroksh, she noted, she had 'personified' her long lost thoughts and taken 'inspiration from how they develop in any subconscious mind as a creative process giving birth to different forms and ideas as per subjective experiences.'

Vaishali S NFFW 2018

The designer captioned this, 'Bringing cape back in fashion.'
Photograph: @vaishalisstudio/Instagram.


The depiction of unfolding, her label, said, 'is well captured in silhouettes of jackets and long dresses in full covered sleeves and layers of sheer and heavy fabric overlapping illustrating the ups and downs of life.'

The fabrics in the handwoven collection are a mix of weaves in wool, silk and cotton.

The collection was presented in colours ranging from dark blues and cereal beige to greens, 'depicting the process of emerging from dark to life'. 

Vaishali S NFFW 2018

The fabrics in the handwoven collection are a mix of weaves in wool, silk and cotton.
Photograph: @vaishalivs/Twitter


NYFW noted, 'Vaishali Shadangule draws inspiration from her ability to observe and listen, allowing her designs to speak for themselves...

'An artist by heart and designer in profession, she is able to bend things most people see as straight line. The honesty and authenticity of her work, is what keeps her clients enraptured and engaged and after this long journey today she employs around 40 people under her label -- Vaishali S, a design house of global repute in Bombay.'

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Vaishali S NYFW

Vaishali S (right) at her New York Fashion Week debut in 2016.
Photograph: Paresh Gandhi/Rediff Archives.
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