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Why this model wants to turn vegetarian

By Anita Aikara
Last updated on: February 05, 2017 17:27 IST
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Carol Humtsoe from Nagaland is soon going to give up her non-vegetarian diet. Is it because of religion or health issues? 
Anita Aikara/ finds out why...

Carol Humtsoe

IMAGE: Nagaland model Carol Humtsoe caught in a candid mood at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2017; Photograph: Rajesh Karkera/

Designer you loved walking for this season?

Fahd Khatri!

It was really interesting as all the models had Afro hairstyles.

The outfits had young, lively prints on them. The show was so much fun.

I always enjoyed walking for Anuj Bhutani.

How do you manage to stay fit for LFW?

I don't go to the gym.

I do yoga and run for an hour.

I take care of my skin by eating the lots of fruits and vegetables.

I avoid eating red meat in the summers, especially when I am in Mumbai. Initially it was difficult for me, but now I am getting used to it.

So I have decided to go vegetarian. I feel extremely heavy on my stomach having non-vegetarian food.

So I thought it would be best to eat light and stay healthy.

What's in your bag right now?

There's mascara, lip gloss and my phone.

I also pack some dry fruits to munch on during the day.

The one thing that you just cannot do without?

My phone!

What's the best part about your job?

I get to meet plenty of talented people.

I also get to wear some really fancy clothes while walking the ramp for talented designers.

This is the time when all my friends come together and we catch up. Otherwise we barely find time for each other. 

All the models have become like one big family, so during the fashion week we come together and celebrate. 

Does it get too stressful during the fashion week?

Yes! It gets very stressful. But I has been four years since I have been a part of LFW.

So now, it is okay for me because I know the designers, choreographers and other models.

We know each others' working styles too.  So it is easier to coordinate and manage. 

But I think it will be extremely difficult for the new models.

As they are pretty new to LFW, so they will take time to understand how things work out here.  

This season is way better that the other seasons!

I wake up by seven in the morning and get to work by eight.

I leave the venue only by 10 pm. Sometimes it can get as late as 11 in the evening too.

Style icon

Kate Moss. I love how she dresses and really look up to her! 

How do you plan on pampering yourself post the fashion week?

Oh! I am going to go and get a massage, hair spa, facial, etc,

I will then plan for a vacation.

I will come back with a fresh mind and start work again.

What are your work plans post the fashion week? 

It depends...sometimes I get work. Sometimes there will be work lined up and things might not take off as expected. 

So I just have to wait and watch. 

What are the changes you have seen in the fashion industry over the last few years?

The focus is more on reviving traditional arts and sustainable fashion. 

That way the artisans and their clothes get noticed. 

Advice for young models?

You need to have patience. Keep doing what you are doing. 

Read about the designers you want to work with and meet the right people. 

Getting a break is not that easy, but once you do, things will fall in place.

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