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WTF(ashion)! Barbie doll or foam queen?

Last updated on: April 06, 2017 15:09 IST
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These looks are wacky, outrageous and crazy. 

While designers at the China Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017 presented some stunning and dreamy outfits, there were several styles that we just can't think of wearing!

From a dress that looked like it was made of foam to outfits that made our eyes pop out, these clothes require a lot of courage to be worn both on and off the runway.

China Fashion week

IMAGE: This outfit, for example, from 'Life as Barbie' fashion show by Hu Sheguang would make a great choice for a detergent advertisement. Any takers for this Foam Queen?
All photographs: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

China Fashion Week

IMAGE: With that hideous hat covering her face, we wonder how this model managed to walk properly during the fashion show by Hu Sheguang.

China Fashion Week

IMAGE: Hey the ladybird just called. She wants her bodysuit back!
A model dressed in a ridiculous red outfit by Hu Sheguang.

China Fashion Week

IMAGE: How about playing a game of tic-tac-toe on this dress by by Hu Sheguang?

China Fashion Week

IMAGE: Another 'eye-popping' creation by Hu Sheguang. 
It's one thing to see through rose-tinted glasses, it is another to literally cover your eyes with gigantic flowers. 

China Fashion Week

IMAGE: We know everyone's excited about weddings. But would you dare to slip out without the wedding dress?
At the JUSERE show by designer Yu Aiping, a model walked with just a sheer corset, veil and knee-length boots. 

China fashion week

IMAGE: This model  at 'Hempel Award' the 25th China International Young Fashion Designers Contest got caught in a net. 

China Fashion Week

IMAGE: When they decided to revamp the burkini but left the hijab behind! Would you dare to wear this off the ramp?

China Fashion Week

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