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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Gadgets Can Ruin Relationships!

Gadgets Can Ruin Relationships!

March 24, 2023 13:44 IST
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Focus on building closer connections with your partner by speaking more frequently without electronics in the room to get the most out of chats, advises Sybil Shiddell, country manager-India for Gleeden, a discreet extra marital dating Web site.

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It's true that it's difficult to resist the fun and convenience that technology offers.

The use of technology should be moderated, and we shouldn't allow our devices dictate how we act or how we interact with others.

In some ways, contemporary technology has simplified our lives. With just a touch.

It's crucial to be aware of how technology is influencing your connections with your partner, from consuming too much of your free time to giving the wrong impressions.


1. Is it really easy-peasy?

People are not giving each other the time and attention they require when they are continuously on their phones or laptops while in the same place.

Due to a lack of meaningful communication or passive listening, this may produce emotions of detachment and dissatisfaction.


2. Decreasing Social Interaction

With the development of technology, we are engaging with one another in person much less frequently.

After all, texting is more efficient than talking. Instead of having real discussions, we spend more time hiding behind our smartphones.

Even worse, this absence of face-to-face interaction may make you feel lonely and isolated.


3. Risk of social comparison and loneliness

It's normal to crave approval and affirmation, but it may become harmful when we compare our lives to those of the individuals we see on our phones and tablets.

It may be demoralising and tempting to compare ourselves to those who appear to be having more 'perfect' and 'successful' lives, which keeps us from concentrating on the connections in front of us.

As we live more vicariously through virtual realities instead of real life, we end up neglecting our relationships, which causes us to feel distant and alone even when surrounded by other people.


4. Compromising attention spans

Negative effects on relationships and misunderstandings can arise rapidly when one partner is not given one's full attention.

These eight seconds of inattention can result in the loss of an opportunity, a missed conversation, or even a misinterpretation of your partner's emotions.


5. Versatility versus Depth

Technology-based communication has the advantage of being quick and adaptable, but might lack depth in discussions due to the constrained amount of room for dialogue in text messages or social media posts.

Also, if you and the other person are engrossed in your phones or computers even though you are in the same room, it may be difficult to pay attention.

Focus on building closer connections with your partner by speaking more frequently without electronics in the room to get the most out of chats.

This will deepen your bonds and make future conflicts simpler to settle.


6. Isolation

In a relationship, gadgets can sometimes result in a feeling of isolation where one or both partners feel ignored or alienated.

A relationship may become disconnected if one spouse is addicted to their phone or laptop all the time leaving the person dissatisfied.


7. Lack of Interaction

Another way that technology is harming relationships is by reducing verbal and physical interaction.

Sitting next to each other in a room while talking on your phones won't strengthen any connections between two individuals; rather, it will only accentuate their physical separation and lack of interaction.


8. Emotional Disconnect

When we are separated by physical distance, it is simple for emotions to take a backseat when we don't spend as much time in person.

Because facial expressions and body language can assist transmit feelings more effectively than words alone, texting and messaging might accidentally leave out emotional context.


9. Increasing Gap in discussion

When one of you is on the phone or laptop, it can be challenging to maintain concentration and carry on a discussion.

As a result, there is an increasing distance between the two people as one strains to maintain the conversation and the other becomes preoccupied with their device.

You must take into account how technology affects your relationship's entire communication since it affects more than simply the loss of face-to-face interaction.


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