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Is the Duracell power bank worth Rs 2,499?

By Veer Arjun Singh
November 28, 2018 15:47 IST
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Unlike other power banks, Duracell's battery does not heat up even a bit, says Veer Arjun Singh.

IMAGE: The Duracell power bank. Photograph: Kind courtesy

Sharp screens in tall phones need big batteries and fat backups.

If one needs sufficient power in a handheld device for a few days without having to scour the earth for wall sockets, know this: it's simply not possible.

The best we can do is be efficient in our choice of gadgets and their sidekicks.

Speaking of which, the power-carrying pink bunny is back.

Duracell, the reliable maker of batteries since 1940, has launched power banks for phones, tablets, Bluetooth devices, etc in three capacities -- 3,350, 6,700 and 10,050mAh.

And they look just like their AA and AAA cousins.

IMAGE: You can charge your phone and the power bank simultaneously. Photograph: Kind courtesy

Like the design, their performance is both familiar and impressive.

I tested out the fattest of them.

At 204 gm, it's lighter than its top competitors such as Xiaomi's Mi 2i (10,000mAh).

Duracell offers one port for charging the battery and two ports for charging devices, and you can use all of them at once -- charge two phones while charging the battery itself.

IMAGE: The safety features offered by the Duracell power bank. Photograph: Kind courtesy

The power bank has a solid build with a single button to check battery status and four tiny LEDs that reflect it.

I found that a single device (I plugged in the iPhone XR) charges at a speed of one per cent per minute, which is mighty fast.

The battery took five hours to charge fully and I could charge the iPhone a little over three times from zero to 100 with it.

And that is three days of extra charge.

The best thing yet is that the battery does not heat up even a bit, which is unlike any other battery pack that I have come across.

It speaks volumes for the safety features that Duracell promises.

While the company does demand a premium for it -- the 10,050mAh power bank sells at Rs 2,499 on Amazon, while its competitors cost under Rs 1,500 -- I hope it stands the test of time.

At the moment, it seems like the quality and efficiency is worth the investment.


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