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5 must-try mutton starter recipes

By Reshma Aslam
December 31, 2015 13:44 IST
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It is party time! If you want to impress your guests, try one of these mouthwatering appetiser recipes from Reshma Aslam.


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Mutton Seekh Kebabs

Mutton Seekh Kebabs

Photograph: Courtesy Dheerajk88/ Wikimedia Commons


  • 1 kg minced mutton
  • 2 onions finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp ginger paste
  • 8 to 10 green chillies (grind it)
  • ½ cup gram flour
  • 1 tbsp red chilli powder
  • 2 tbsp coriander seeds (coarsely ground)
  • 1 tbsp garam masala powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup ghee or oil


  • Wash and drain the mince mutton well.
  • Roast the gram flour on a tawa and keep it aside.
  • Put the mince in a mixing bowl. Add ginger paste, chilli paste, salt, garam masala, coarsely ground coriander seeds, chilli powder and eggs.
  • Mix well and let it marinate for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Make small balls of the mince and give them the shape of seekh kebabs.
  • Melt ghee in a pan until it starts to smoke.
  • Place 3 to 4 kebabs at a time in the frying pan and let it fry till they get a nice golden colour.
  • Now turn the kebabs over to the other side and fry that as well.
  • Remove from pan when both sides are done well and properly fried.
  • Seekh Kebabs are ready and can be served with mint chutney and cut onions.

Mutton Frankie Roll

Mutton Roll

Photograph: Phoodelphia/Creative Commons


For the filling

  • 1 kg mutton (cut into small pieces)
  • 15 to 20 kashmiri red chillies (Soak for 10 minutes in water. Remove water and grind it to a paste.)
  • ½ cup vinegar
  • 75 gm ginger ground
  • 4 tbsp curd
  • 2 tsp malwani masala (optional)
  • 1 tsp garam masala powder
  • 2 big onions finely chopped
  • 4 tbsp coriander leaves finely chopped
  • 5 tbsp oil

For the frankie dough

  • 500 gm all purpose flour (maida)
  • ½ cup milk
  • Water as required
  • Salt to taste

For the omelet

  • 7 eggs
  • ½ cup water
  • Salt and oil for frying


  • Whisk the eggs with salt and water and make 20 small omelets and keep aside.
  • In a mixing bowl add maida, milk, salt and knead into a dough.
  • You can add water if needed. Divide the dough into 20 parts and keep aside.
  • Wash and drain mutton pieces.
  • Put it in a mixing bowl add salt, ginger paste, and curd.
  • Keep aside for 4 to 5 hours.
  • After 5 hours take oil in vessel add the marinated mutton mixture.
  • Now add chilli paste, vinegar, malwani masala, garam masala and little water (around 1 cup).
  • Cook with the lid covered till the mutton is tender and dry.
  • You can also put it in the cooker so it gets done faster.
  • The mixture for the frankie is ready.
  • Now take each dough ball, roll it into thin chapattis.
  • Place each omelet on the chapatti, spread mutton mixture on it, put finely chopped onions and coriander leaves and roll it carefully.
  • Take a pan add oil in it and fry each roll in it till golden brown.
  • Just shallow fry and do not deep fry.
  • Mutton Frankie Rolls are ready to be served with hot with sauce and chutney.

Mutton Cutlets

Mutton Cutlets

Photograph: Hshaji07/Creative Commons


  • ½ kg mutton pieces boneless
  • ½ kg potatoes boiled
  • ½ cup coriander and mint leaves chopped
  • 1 onion chopped
  • 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
  • 2 tsp green chilli paste
  • 1 tsp pepper powder
  • 1 cup bread crumbs
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp garam masala powder
  • Oil for frying 
  • Salt to taste


  • Boil the potatoes and remove their skin. Keep aside.
  • In a pressure cooker add mutton pieces with water and ginger garlic paste.
  • Add chopped onion as well and give 2 to 3 whistles and it will be done.
  • When done remove from cooker and keep aside.
  • When it cools, shred the mutton into fine pieces and mix it in the boiled potatoes.
  • Add the chilly paste, pepper powder, chopped coriander, mint leaves, garam masala powder and salt.
  • Using the palm of the hands, shape it into small flat kebabs.
  • In pan keep some oil for deep frying.
  • Break the eggs in a bowl and spread the breadcrumbs in a plate.
  • Once the oil becomes hot, dip the kebab pieces in egg and coat it with breadcrumbs properly.
  • Deep fry in hot oil till the kebabs turn golden in colour.
  • Delicious Mutton Boti Kebabs are ready and can be served with green chutney and can be garnished with curd also.

Mutton Awadhi Kebab

Mutton Awadhi Kebabs

Photograph: Courtesy Rajan Manickavasagam/Creative Commons


  • ½ kg mutton mince
  • a small piece of raw papaya (ground with salt)
  • 2 onions chopped
  • 1 tsp ginger garlic paste
  • 1 tsp green chilly paste
  • 50 gm gram flour (besan)
  • ½ cup chopped coriander and mint leaves
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt as per taste

Roast and grind the following ingredients

  • ¼ nutmeg
  • ½ tsp fennel seeds (saunf)
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 2 cinnamon stick
  • 4 cloves
  • 6 pepper corns
  • 1 black cardamom
  • 1 bay leaf
  • ¼ tsp mace (javitri)
  • 1 tsp poppy seeds (khuskhus)
  • 1tbsp coconut powder dry
  • ½ tsp shah zeera
  • 6 to 8 dry red chillies
  • 1 tsp coriander seeds
  • Roast all these together and grind in mixer. Keep them aside for later use.


  • Wash and drain the mince well.
  • In a mixing bowl add the mince.
  • Add the ground papaya, ginger garlic paste, green chilly paste, and the roasted ground masala and chopped onions and keep for 2 to 3 hours for marination.
  • After span of 2 to 3 hours add gram flour, chopped coriander and mint leaves and shape into kebabs using the palm of your hands.
  • In another pan keep oil for frying.
  • Once you have shaped all the kebabs round, add them one by one in the oil.
  • Deep fry them for some time.
  • Once they turn golden brown, remove them from the pan.
  • Mutton Awadhi Kebab is ready to be served hot with sauce or chutney of the choice.

Kandi Gosht

Kandi GoshtPhotograph: Umami/Creative Commons


  • ½ kg mutton pieces boneless 
  • 1 tbsp raw papaya paste
  • 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
  • 1 tbsp green chilli paste
  • 1 tbsp vinegar
  • 1 tsp cumin powder
  • 1 tsp garam masala powder
  • 1 tsp black pepper powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup bread crumbs
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for frying
  • Some wooden satay sticks


  • Wash and drain the mutton pieces well.
  • Make small and flat pieces as it tenderises the meat well.
  • Add salt and papaya paste and mix well.
  • Add ginger garlic paste, green chilli paste, vinegar, black pepper powder, garam masala powder and let it marinate for at least 5 hours.
  • Keep it in the fridge (keeping in fridge helps the masala stick well to the mutton).
  • Now after it is marinated, arrange the mutton pieces on the satay sticks by piercing the pieces with the sticks 
  • Arrange 3 to 4 pieces on each stick.
  • Keep oil for frying in another pan.
  • Beat the eggs in a bowl and arrange breadcrumbs in a plate for coating.
  • Roll each stick on bread crumbs and dip in well beaten eggs.
  • Deep fry in hot oil and fry them till they turn golden brown.
  • Mutton Kandi Gosht is ready and can be served hot with chutney.

Note: All images used for representation purposes only. 


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