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5 Tips To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

December 01, 2022 09:39 IST
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Talk to your partner for at least ten minutes in the morning and then again when you get back home.
In between, keep exchanging texts and brief calls, suggests Ravi Mittal, CEO, Quack Quack, an online dating app.

How to survive a long distance relationship

Kindly note the image -- a scene from College Romance that streams on SonyLiv -- has been posted only for representational purposes.

Romantic relationships are always tricky.

No matter how deeply you are in love with each other, there is always some room for disagreements and displeasure.

Add distance to the mix, and it becomes twice as challenging.

In the modern era of texting and video calls, distance is not as much a concern as it used to be until a few years ago.

But when two people live miles apart from each other for a long time, even the silliest of reasons and situations may trigger an argument leading to a rift in the relationship.

Here are five tips to guide you through a long-distance relationship in the modern era of dating:

1. Communication

Communication is the key to a smooth-sailing long-distance relationship.

Long distance relationships demand an additional level of transparency where each individual keeps nothing to his or her assumptions.

For instance, if something is bothering you, hold an open and honest discussion about it with your partner.

Your relationship should be strong enough to handle a few tricky conversations.

Try to communicate your wants and desires from the relationship -- whether it is how much time you expect your partner to invest in you or the number of times you want to meet them in person.

In the modern dating era, several couples love each other but do not want to be tied down by monoamory, while others might expect a more exclusive relationship.

You can always plan and list your priorities and expectations from your partner and the relationship before you commit to one another.

It is best to leave no room for presumptions and misinterpretations.

2. Do not let jealousy grow 

It is common to feel insecure in a long-distance relationship, especially if your partner is friends with people from the opposite sex.

But, just because most people tend to feel that way does not mean your insecurities are correct.

Envy never helped anyone.

If you feel uncomfortable about a certain person in your partner's circle of friends or workplace, try to talk it out with your partner.

If you don't like them talking to a certain someone, you can express your displeasure. However, please do not expect your sweetheart to sever ties with them because you want them to.

An even better option that comes with the rise of technology is to introduce the two of you over a video call.

For so long, you may have had a rough idea about the person. But once you speak to him/her and see how they carry themselves, you may feel way less threatened.

There is a possibility that this person may no longer feel like a threat to your relationship.

3. Establish a common goal for the future

Having common long term goals with a long-distance partner is always helpful.

It helps strengthen the bond and doubles the chances of the success of your relationship.

Whether you are living in the same space or not, working toward the same goal in a relationship and being on the same page as your partner is crucial.

Additionally, in today's modern dating era, sharing milestones on social media is in vogue. When you are living in different cities, having a million little milestones to enjoy and brag about keeps you both connected.

4. Plan enough surprises

With technology advancing every passing day, distance should no longer be a matter of concern.

A special tip on keeping your long-distance partner happy -- give them a quick call or drop a sweet message outside your regular schedule.

It's not much, but you'd be surprised by the wonders this little gesture can do.

It goes to show that even with the distance keeping you apart, they are always on your mind.

Apart from the surprises, maintaining a routine helps. For example, make sure to talk to your partner for at least ten minutes in the morning and then again when you get back home.

In between, keep exchanging texts and brief calls. It induces a feeling of closeness and connectivity.

Video calls can never substitute actual physical proximity, but it does help to see your partner every day.

5. Do not ignore intimacy

This brings us to our last tip -- physical proximity and intimacy.

Needless to mention, both are equally important.

While you cannot meet in person every day, it does not have to be the death of romance.

Let technology be your best buddy.

Don't hold yourself back from sending romantic texts; we suggest you do so more often.

It keeps the much-needed spark ignited in the relationship. As long as it's consensual, do whatever floats your boat.

Besides, the actual physical distance is emotionally taxing and can wreak havoc in any relationship.

Make sure to voice your struggles and concerns.

Bottling it up has never done anyone any favour; the lid blows and takes with it the relationship you so cherish.

Work together to find solutions.

Try to make at least one surprise visit; it helps keep the excitement alive and brings a much-needed break to the monotone of a long-distance relationship that thrives on routine.

Despite best efforts, remember that plans may fail, that things may fall off.

This doesn't mean that should give up trying.

A long-distance relationship may be slightly more demanding, but with the right person, it will all seem worth it.

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