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'What's the cost of doing an undergrad course in the US?'

August 15, 2015 12:38 IST
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In an online chat with readers overseas education consultant NNS Chandra addressed queries related to international admissions.

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For those who missed the chat, here's the transcript:

parag vasani: My son is going to appear in 10th class exam in 2016.There are circumstance that he may have to move US after that.What should be cost to undergraduate study there.He may have to stay at New york .

NNS Chandra: Typical cost for an undergraduate programme for one year in NY should be around 45,000 (in a private research university including tuition, living expenses transportation etc etc.). This is for an international student.

Rajesh Chadalavada: Hi Chandra,Appreciate the Good work you had been doing.I had did my 3 years diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering in the year nov 2003.From then on working in software industry.Now want to do my Bachelors in US.How to proceed further.ThanksRajesh

NNS Chandra: Hi Rajesh,It might be a good idea to submit your diploma academic work to university and get credit for you have done so far and do apply for rest of course to complete bachelors. Another way is to look at a bridge course. And move on to next step

Arpan Rana: I am Arpan Rana. I am want to study in christian theological study like Phd in christian leadership. Is it possible to study in USA.?

NNS Chandra: Rana, Sure. Several possibilities. What kind of undergrad study you had? Religious studies? Philosophy? A solid application could direct you to great places with scholarships and funding.

Manish Shah: Hi. I am 45 years old and currently working in IT. My graduation is incomplete. Can you suggest good courses and universities that can help me move ahead in my career?

NNS Chandra: Hi Manish, Really appreciate your interest. To answer your questions I need specifc data on you. More details. Write to me with your resume. What do you mean by incomplete Graduation? How much academic credit you have as of now? When did you attend university last? What are you doing now? etc etc...

abhitesh bakshi: electrical engg. with 45 mnths exp. in power sector in psu. pl suggest good business school in US, UK, AUS and will prior work exp. here be of any benefit in getting admission. fees range?

NNS Chandra: Nearly four years of experience would be a good asset for you while working on your grad school application. After your academic grades, GRE work experience also matters. Mostly in subject selection. Fees varies. From country to country, university to university, course to course.

rahim: My son is studying Dual Degree in CSE at IIT KGP. He is in the final year and current CGPA is 7+. Can he get direct admission for PhD in any good American University ???

NNS Chandra: Yes. Absolutely. Application process is a bit challenging and research focused, ofcourse. Please ask your son to send me his SOP and research topic/area.

hitansh: My Son is doing his Btech Biotechnology from VIT, Vellore and he wants to do his PG in the U.S and pursue further for his Doctorate.Can you suggest the best universities in the United States and Europe where he can target and plan for the future. Which are the latests specialisations coming up in this field.Possibility of scholarships, fees.

NNS Chandra: Which year is he in? He should target top programmes and universities. Please ask your son to send me more data on his current course work , ECs, additional academic work he is undertaking now, standardised testing he would be preparing for - all these are required to guide him to university selection. Then to specialisations. Cost - generally should be looking at a budget of 40-45,000 USD/Yr

kunika: My daughter is more interested in space exploration, aliens, planets and stars etc. She has watched space related movies like gravity and other space documentaries. Also she visits scientific exhibitions and programmes. So I am thinking in what way she can be a career astronaut after her schoolingThanks.

NNS Chandra: Interesting, Kunika. Which grade she is in? Academic work?

Soumyajit Das: Hello Chandra, I wanted to know about the approx total expense of studying in a U.S university like Stanford or Carnegie Mellon in an MS programme in Computer Science. I have heard that Germany is a low cost alternative. Please could you give me some details about an MS in CS programme from a German University eligibility and Job opportunities afterwards.

NNS Chandra: 1. Cost of a doing a graduate programme in a school like CMU or Stanford would be around 45,000 USD/year. Includes tution, room/board/lodge/living-expenses, travel books etc. 2. Eligibility criteria for German universities would remain the same, but some schools might have language as a challenge. German economy is growing and its requires fresh hand. Good opportunities for International students.

AMEYA KARVE: Hello Sir, I have completed my BE and MBA from here, also had one year professional work experience..I am looking forward to work abroad US/Canada..Can you suggest me what should be my path and process to reach there.

NNS Chandra: Ameya, All the best in your efforts. Our practice is not focused on immigration or job search. Encourage you to find a good resource who can guide you through the process.

romil: are there any good universities with out GRE or GMAT for MBA with funding or no funding

NNS Chandra: Yes Romil. These are several universities which do not give much weight for standardised testing. Strong academic record, publication, demonstrable work of extraordinary etc. If it is a regular application for MBA I do not think it is worth it to let GRE/GMAt go. That is easier path.

Jeswal: My son has got a GMAT score of 650.Which are the good colleges in USA where he can apply. Thank you

NNS Chandra: Dear Jeswal, GMAT score is one data to decide on university. For me University selection would depend on several additional data., grades in school. work, internship, areas of interest etc.

shahin: i have done my engineering and currently doing my family business which is in the retail sector and i would like to do a short term management course abroad either in UK or USA can you please suggest me some useful courses and universities

NNS Chandra: Hi Shahin,If you can spare 3 to 6 Months in United States, I would encourage you to do a credited course in management in your interest are. Spending time in campus. It would be a learning experience and you could go back to Industry and at the same time you will have credit (academic) and certificate. UK also offers such programmes. US universities are always encouraging independent studies.

haresh: iam 33 years and have completed my mba. i would like further specialise in business analytics.kindly advise if studying abroad would be advisable to further specialise as it is an area of interest.

NNS Chandra: Exciting field. Business Analytics. My University offers a graduate certificate course. I know PennState offer an online course leading to graduate certificate in analytic and decision making.

One can also start with industry certification also. And move on to academic work.

Komalkumar Gedam: Sir, I am planning to pursue Postdoc in Management in USA. Can you please give information on procedure?

NNS Chandra: Postdoctoral scholars are appointed for a limited period of time and may participate on University research projects and/or may be supported by external awards or fellowships.

NNS Chandra: The process should start in two directions 1. preparing the SOP and resume (academic/research based) 2. Looking at faculty/lab/university (short listing) based on their work which is the area your are interested.

Very exciting, yet challenging process. If you can let me know your training, academic work, so far, I could guide properly

dinesh: Sir, i want to my MBA in finance from UK, i am aware of the procedure, i wanted a small bit of information from your side whether we can pay the tution fees in installments?

NNS Chandra: HI DInesh, Most Universities - you should be able to negotiate a payment plan. Each university should have their own rules and regulations and procedures. One should work with in that and can put in their payment proposal with legitimate reason.

waman: Hello sir, i am planning to go to US for my further studies, jiust wanted to know whether all programmes in US are major specific?

NNS Chandra: Hi Waman, For US Under Graduate studies, one need not declare their major to secure admission. The whole idea of liberal art education (which for the core of American University education) is to maintain that freedom to explore and decide later. Based on first hand learning once in University. So major could be declared later.

Venkateswaran g: Dear Sir, My son is in std XII CBSE science stream and scored 97.3% in XIth. Has scored 10 CGPA in class 10, is interested in doing his UG medicine in UK. Taken IELTS with overall 7.5. Shall take UKCAT and BMAT. Pls advise on admissions in UK & work in UK. Has been appreciated by teachers as responsible and well matured for his age.

NNS Chandra: Good to hear about your son. All the best for his UKCAT and BMAT. He seems heading the right direction as far as his goals and UK admissions are concerned. Working in UK is a whole lot of different question. If he is in an MBBS programme he should be fine.

INDIRA RAJAGOPAL: Dear Sir, My daughter scored in Xth std.(CBSE)-93.4% XIIth Std. 88%, B.Tech. in Computer Science -80% and GRE- 318 and going to appear for TOFFel on 29th August, 2014 and 4 years of work experience. What are the chances of admission for MS in MIS and some good and cheap universities as we are not financially very well off. Pl. suggest.

NNS Chandra: Hello Indira Rajagopal - based on the data provided your daughter got chances in several good engg schools in public universities. Those should be cost effective.

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