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What is the strangest job interview question you've been asked?

November 05, 2014 17:21 IST
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Job candidates are occasionally subject to the weirdest interview questions.

Has one being flung at you too? We'd LOVE to hear about it!

Job interviews are basically the worst

It doesn't matter how well you've prepared or how many hours you've spent considering all possible scenarios.

And it doesn't matter how cool you pretend to be, fact is you're probably sweating under your collar.

So, just when you thought you are prepared for any possible question that's thrown your way there comes that unexpected one. Really unexpected one!


How many steps did you have to climb to reach this office?

If you were a cereal, what cereal would you be?

What was the funniest thing to have happened to you recently?

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

You get the picture.

So tell us dear readers what was the strangest question you were asked during a job interview?

Write us an email to (Subject: The strangest job interview question) and we would love to carry the most interesting responses right here on!

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