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Want to study journalism in the US?

June 27, 2015 09:24 IST
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In an online chat with Get Ahead reader, overseas education consultant NNS Chandra addressed queries related to international admissions.

For those who missed the chat, here's the transcript!

Alan George: Hi Chandra, My daughter has selected computer science to do in MS in US, but can you suggest which specialization in Computer science, should she select ?

NNS Chandra: Dear George, What do you mean your daughter has selected CS? She is admitted? Which university?

Drmangesh Nakade: Hi let me know good opportunity to study in animal science in US.

NNS Chandra: Hi Nakade, You mean to study veterinary medicine or marine and freshwater biology, and zoology. Several of world's top universities for animal science are in US, from Cornell to Colorado State. If you can be specific and your back ground your university search would be easier. These are challenging programs to secure admissions.

Asma Shaikh: Hi,I am planning to do an MS from England.. I have a 1 and half years work exp in question is-Is Englanda good place for MS ?If I study that useful Can I switch my industry?

NNS Chandra: To answer your question directly, Asma, Yes. MS from UK can be great for you. In my opinion. Data on your education is more key than your 18 month experience. Would like to know. Can you please explain your question on switch?

haseeb siddiqui: heloi have done in IT and MBA in marketting.Now i m doing Govt. Job. Can I Go to US for better future aspect .

NNS Chandra: Absolutely yes. You can look at US as an option for better prospects. From your question I assume you are looking for job prospects, right? I am more focusing on studying in United States and guiding in that path. If you could email me the details (how many years’ experience, where you studied, projects involved etc.) I would be glad to work on that. And pass it to appropriate person.

ajay yadav: Hi I wanted to ask you I have done PGDM and LL.B with 3 years of work experiance as if now,so do my second MBA from USA will help.

NNS Chandra: Dear Ajay, Definitely an MBA in America would increase your value as a candidate. And your confidence. Again, education or newer and bigger degrees are not assured paths for success. It is on how one use them, how one internalizes the learning and sustains them over the career is the key..

Arun Gupta: Sir, i am studying computer science at iit delhi. i am in the second year of their undergrad course. I want to go the US for my graduate education. Kindly advise.

NNS Chandra: Better start preparing now Arun. Securing solid admissions in the area you want to study is challenging in top schools in United States. Think beyond GRE, beyond your grades, beyond your SOP. Put a plan together and work towards to become a great candidate.Doing research is one idea.

kunika: Hello Sir, i have completed my HSC this year, and i have herad about the GATE exams, and i am very much interested appear and i want to apply, can you give me information about it?

NNS Chandra: Am I understanding you correctly, Kunika, you have completed HSC, right? Eligibility to write GATE is completing a four year degree in engg or technology.

Devu Sivaraj: Sir, My son given GRE an TOEFL and started applying for MS Computer science, in his passport surname is blank, only given name is written. in GRE and TOEFL he has given First Name and Last name, kindly advice will there be any problem in getting admission and VISA

NNS Chandra: Hi Devu, Let me ask my colleague Ms Priya in India and get back on this. Few minutes, please.

Devu Sivaraj ....surname is complusory. Given name is the name he is called or the first name and surname is the family name or father's name. Example ... First name - Devu , surname - Sivaraj‏ (Reply from Priya)

NNS Chandra: My colleague Priya says specialization in CS the applications to the univs and in the SOP you can indicate one or two interests. Usually students opt for specialization where they get assistantships - teaching or research.

NNS Chandra: Priya continues - This is done after going to the university and not now. So you need not be rigid in research area at this moment. Talking to many students, it seems that databases and human computer interaction are the current hot specializations‏. Write to us if you have more question.

 dinesh: I am a HSC student, i wanted to know what rank and how many marks are required to score in JEE - Mains, to get a seat in NIT (UK) in Civil Engineering.

NNS Chandra: Great approach, Dinesh. You must and can be specific.Depends on what category or any quota apply, right? If you look at previous data look at

sharad-mehta: [SKB] Sir,My son has just gone into XI STD. He wants to do his grad in the US. He has taken the physics chemistry and bio stream. What are the entrance exams that he would need to take to secure admission in the US universities? He is more interested in doing medicine. Kindly advise

NNS Chandra: Hi Sharad - Where is your son studying? Which program? IB? He got nearly 18 months to get ready to apply for US universities for Under Grad. Pre Med route in USA is challenging. So are integrated Med program like ones in Brown or BU. He must take several exams, like AMC, Harvard MIT challenge, SIN other than ACT/SAT.

shaishav: I have completed my BE(IT) and i am interested in journalism courses. can you suggest me some good colleges for it in US?

NNS Chandra: Engg and journalism? Interesting mix. My first choice school for any communication related program would be Syracuse as I did my public communication program, had a great experience. Learned a lot. There are several great journalism programs. Now you can reaky specialize and locate in cities one can get internships along with university.

Image: Let the high tuition costs not deter you from pursuing your education abroad.

Photographs: Jonathan Alcorn/Reuters 

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