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This article was first published 8 years ago  » Getahead » No more blouse blues!

No more blouse blues!

Last updated on: June 29, 2015 18:45 IST
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Days of tussles with the local tailor are gone thanks to this online venture!

Time is ticking away. You need an elegant blouse for a sari you picked up recently to wear to your best friend's wedding.

You have some ideas in mind as to the design, but after last year's debacle, you swore never to trust your local tailor again.

Your colleague has recommended a good boutique but it’s far from where you stay/work, and you can't make it all the way there after work before it closes.

They aren't open on weekends either.

Haven't you ever wished you could design a blouse online and have it delivered to you at home? I know I have. Well, seems to be the answer to all our blouse troubles.

House of Blouse is an online solution for creating custom-made blouses.

Using a design web-app, you can choose the fabric of your blouse, the neckline, the sleeves, and more.

You can customise it right down to the colour of the piping on the sleeves, and your creation will be delivered to your doorstep in 15 days.

This innovative online venture is the brainchild of Bangalore-based Rachana Reddy and Roopa Reddy.

Rachana is not a novice entrepreneur -- she has been running the fashion accessories brand Rachana Reddy for the past five years.

Roopa, on the other hand, has worked with IT startups, and more recently, with AstorMueller, the group that makes the Bugatti brand shoes.

They both have a background in design and fashion studies.

Rachana says that the response to their website has been quite overwhelming.

"We see quite a few women having fun with our web app and creating some very creative designs, which is quite exciting for us to see. We are still beta testing and constantly improving the site and experience," she adds.

What about the size measurements, you ask?

You could send in your best-fitting blouse to House of Blouse (they offer complimentary pick-up within India).

Or enter your measurements while making your order.

Or just select a standard bust size from a drop-down menu.

No more standing awkwardly in a tailor shop by a busy road, pretending you aren't embarrassed to be measured by the 'masterji'.

Now all it takes to get a beautifully tailored blouse for the next fancy wedding is a few clicks of a button.

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