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This article was first published 5 years ago  » Getahead » Love procrastinating at work? These jargon phrases will come to your rescue

Love procrastinating at work? These jargon phrases will come to your rescue

By Rishi Piparaiya
August 14, 2018 10:02 IST
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Recognise when you need that extra time and use these jargon phrases to sound accountable and responsible.  

Pic used for representational purpose only. Photograph: A still from Bangalore Days.

At work, procrastination is considered as an unnecessary evil. 

The common perception is that lazy people who are not driven and self-motivated tend to procrastinate.

But at times, people have no option but to buy extra time and put off an issue till they can find a feasible solution.

After all, doesn't haste lead to waste!

In the world of work, procrastination maybe considered expensive and time-consuming, putting off a task till you get more time to tackle it is not a bad idea too. 

These jargon phrases will help you buy that extra time, without being considered as a slacker.

  1. I'll circle back to you

  2. I will run the numbers on it

  3. Let's go back to the drawing board

  4. Let's touch base in a bit. Ping me

  5. I don't have the bandwidth right now

  6. It's on my radar

  7. Let's put this on the back-burner

  8. I have too many balls in the air right now

  9. I have a lot on my plate

  10. I'll get back by close of play tomorrow

  11. I'll have to deep dive/drill down into this and get back

  12. I have a hard stop at X hours

  13. Let's park that for now

  14. It's in the pipeline

Excerpted from Job Be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya, with the permission of the publishers, Harper Collins.  

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Rishi Piparaiya