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Is office stress getting the better of you? Fret not!

Last updated on: July 27, 2015 18:20 IST
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Don't let all those things happening at your workplace get you down. Read on to find out how you can beat stress.

It's Monday morning and the start of a new week. You get up from the bed with a sinking feeling.

The new boss shouts at you before others, he is never content with the work you do, and quick to pounce on you at the tiniest error.

But this job means a lot to you. You have a housing mortgage on your shoulders.

You are in your mid 40s and it would be extremely difficult to find another job.

Stress spirals into depression

The physical symptoms of stress shows on you: the stomach tightens into a knot, the heart races in panic, breathing becomes shallow and your palms go damp.

The food is tasteless and you worry even in sleep.

There is an emotional quotient too.

A stressed employee suffers from a hurt morale, bruised ego, fears and insecurity.

Instead of job satisfaction there is job revulsion.

If not checked, it could spiral into a depression or a nervous breakdown.

Here's how to manage your stress:

Don't make it worse:

Your stress is not going to go away by smoking all the day.

It makes you fall prey to self-pity and seek solace from cigarettes and alcohol.

Don't crib about your boss to colleagues:

If you are stressed it is better not to spill out the angst to others in the team by painting oneself as a victim or the boss as a devil.

You could lose a lot in the long term including your job.

Identify the sources of stress:

Once you know the cause behind it you need to address it.

Determine how you are going to deal with it and whether it's something that can be fixed or managed.

Being aware of your own stress level is a worthwhile objective.

Instead of being reactive to situations, try to observe your mind and the emotions as stress in the environment meets you.

Don't be afraid to talk to your boss or top management about your stress source.

See the big picture:

Experts say that one experiences stress when s/he feels that the situation is out of control.

That vulnerability activates the stress hormone and wears down your confidence and concentration. The first step is to identify the stress factors.

Take breaks:

In today's fast-paced work environment many people spend their entire day at their desk, even working through lunch.

This may cause heightened stress levels besides strain for the eyes!

Experts advise you to take short breaks, stretch arms while seated in the chair, let eyes wander to the furthest end of the room for respite from staring a computer monitor for hours, have coffee or tea at the pantry or even listen to favourite songs over the headphone.

Short breaks help you in calming your nerves.

Relax at home.

Your lifestyle outside the office plays a big part.

Experts say getting enough sleep, supportive friends and family can help maintain a more stable state of mind.

There are stress relievers like exercise, yoga and music.

Take up a hobby and you'll find the office blues lose their potency to torment you.


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