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Do you have these 5 people in your network?

By Munira Rangwala
June 27, 2017 10:14 IST
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A mentor can be the wind to you sail, while a critic will keep you on your toes, says Munira Rangwala.

Talk to any successful entrepreneur and he/she will tell you that they did not take their business to dizzying heights all on their own.

As their company expanded, they hired people and built contacts that would help them succeed.

From a booster to an adviser, every successful businessperson has relied on certain type of people to help him achieve his/her business goals.

If you're a budding entrepreneur who's still learning the ropes of business, here's a list of five confidants you must have in your network to achieve the kind of success you've dreamed about.


Having a mentor is essential to guide you through your aspirations and can be the wind to your sail in your entrepreneurial pursuit.

As someone who has already had their fill of success, their views and opinions come from a life of experience and will keep you on track on the path to success.

Their influence is not limited to just your professional life, but also your personal life.

With a dollop of reality checks, they can give you the much-desired inputs on your shortcomings, as well as your strengths.

As a veteran their wide web of industry contacts and knowledge, will also help in professional socialisation and personal support to facilitate your success.


A booster is someone who will raise your spirits when you're feeling down and out.

In business, there will be several instances when you'll need words of encouragement, especially in times when your journey takes an unexpected detour.

Anybody close to you in your personal life can serve as your booster.

From your parents to your spouse, it doesn't have to be somebody who knows how to run a business.

It just has to be someone who can keep your spirits up in the face of adversities.


An adviser is someone you call upon when you have to make important organisational decisions.

They can be someone whom you trust blindly and who will help you in the gravest of problem you find yourself entangled in.

Often, when you seek for their counsel, the advise will be glaringly different from the solution you have in mind and this alternate stand could be the deciding factor.

They give you a renewed perspective which you wouldn't have otherwise thought about.


The partner is the yin to your yang. They possess skills that complement your own.

Their strengths fill in for your weaknesses and vice-versa.

Your partner needs to be as invested in your business as you are and needs to have a total understanding of you and your company for the partnership to be successful.


Yes, this one might come as a slight shock to you. But you need a critic to fuel your fire just as much as you need the above mentioned four people.

A critic is someone who constantly questions your ideas and raises doubts over their fruition.

Proving them wrong is one thing you deeply desire and they keep you moving forward.

Try to identify people who play the role of these five confidants in your life and keep them close. If you see gaps, you can take action today to start filling up these roles.

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