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This article was first published 8 years ago  » Getahead » 12 habits of highly confident people

12 habits of highly confident people

Last updated on: August 05, 2015 18:50 IST
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“There is a difference between being confident and being arrogant.”

So what are the things that truly confident people do differently?

Virender Kapoor, founder of Management Institute for Leadership and Excellence and the author of Winning Instinct: Decoding the Power Within and Innovation, the Einstein Way, lists 12 habits that you may want to adopt right now. Read on…

12 clever habits of confident people

#1. They are good learners

Confidence may be a virtue that some people are born with, but there is no denying that you can learn it too.

Confident people are always willing to learn.

Be it ideas, or new information, they make an effort to try and understand what they already don't know.

#2. They have their own opinion…

...but they are not opinionated.

There is a difference between being confident and being arrogant/ adamant.

Confident people present their ideas with conviction without sounding arrogant or rigid.

When they are in a group, they are open to adapt and come to a common consensus, when required.

#3. They are professionally competent and sound

Confident people are knowledgeable and have content because they read and stay updated about the latest information.

They know their job and more importantly, people around them can vouch for their credibility.

If you're working with a confident person, you know that the person will have all the relevant information you require whenever you need it.

#4. They learn from their mistakes…

…And do not repeat it.

No one is perfect; everyone makes mistakes.

However, confident people have the courage to accept their mistake, learn from it and improve upon it.

More importantly, they will ensure not to repeat it.

#5. They slightly underestimate themselves

We have all encountered the best of batchmates in school or college telling us how they're expecting a certain score in an exam and when the results are out, we're surprised to know that they've outdone their expectations.

Underestimating your performance is also a sign of confidence.

They believe in the principle of 'promise less, deliver more.'

If you happen to be in the company of confident people, you'd realise that they are realistic about their achievements and do not show off.

#6. They don't get bogged down by peer pressure

A confident person will wear a formal shirt and trouser to an interview and not feel stressed when he sees someone with a three-piece suit sitting next to him.

A confident person is comfortable in his/her own skin and does not get carried away by social norms.

S/he knows his true worth and believes in his/her talent.

#7. They know their weaknesses and strengths

No matter how successful they are, confident people will know how much they can do and how much they cannot.

For example, a confident actor after reading the script of a certain film will instantly say, 'I cannot do this role' because s/he knows his limitations.

Confident people are honest about their limitations but, at the same time, they will make the most of their strengths and build on it.

#8. They give measured responses

If you ask for an opinion, a confident person will give you a measured reply.

They will not criticise you much nor praise you overtly.

They will say only what is required of them. Same goes for their professional commitments -- they are measured and balanced.

They won't take too much responsibility than they think they can handle.

#9. They are principled and have their own value system

Confident people are proud of their values and are not afraid to wear them on their sleeves.

They know exactly when to say No and come what may, will stand by their values.

#10. They seek advice…

…without worrying about what others will think about them.

Confident people will not hesitate to ask for help.

As I mentioned before, they believe in learning from others, irrespective of their age and experience.

For example, even a talented and successful actor like Amitabh Bachchan who has worked with the best of directors is now working with young directors like Karan Johar and Shoojit Sircar.

He does not worry about being criticised.

In fact, in all his interviews, he repeatedly says, 'I am prepared to learn from new directors and young talent.'

#11. They inspire confidence in others

When you are in the company of confident people, you feel assured and safe.

Even bosses are dependent on their more confident employees. Others look up to them for inspiration.

You will know the impact a confident person has when you hire a confident driver vis-à-vis a less confident one.

The confident one would follow directions, be patient and drive smoothly. He knows his job and you feel safe in his company.

#12. They are very sporting

Confident people are magnanimous -- they are large hearted and are considerate of people working under them.

For example, a confident pilot trainer would allow his subordinate or junior to manoeuvre any way he chooses because he is confident that if anything goes wrong, he can handle it.

They know how to absorb a shock and are willing to take things in their stride.

As told to Divya Nair/

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Lead image used for representational purposes only. Credit: Chris and Karen Highland/Creative Commons

Virender Kapoor is the former director of Pune's Symbiosis Institute of Management and the founder of Management Institute for Leadership and Excellence.

He is also the author of Winning Instinct: Decoding the Power WithinLeadership: The Gandhi Way, A Wonderful Boss: Great People to Work With,Passion Quotient and Innovation, the Einstein Way.


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