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JEE Main: How I scored 100 percentile

May 05, 2021 09:25 IST
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Instead of trying too hard to ace all three -- math, physics, chemistry -- choose any two subjects and excel in them, advises Bratin Mondal who secured 100 percentile in the March 2021 IIT-Joint Entrance Exam Mains.

Bratin Mondal

IMAGE: Bratin Mondal from West Bengal secured 100 percentile in the March session of IIT-JEE Mains 2021. Photograph: Kind courtesy Bratin Mondal

The IIT Joint Entrance Examination Main is a computer-based online examination administered by the National Testing Agency for students aiming to study undergraduate engineering courses at India's top engineering colleges.

The JEE Main 2021 exam (Paper 1) will be held four times a year.

While two phases of the exam are over, according to the National Testing Agency, the May schedule phase of the JEE Main has been deferred due to an increase in COVID-19 cases across the country.

The latest announcement may have added to your anxiety and uncertainty, but the advantage is also that you get more time to prepare for one of the most competitive entrance examinations in the country.

The syllabus for JEE Mains will be the same for all attempts.

However, with rising uncertainty in the pandemic, after a few attempts, it becomes very difficult to remain positive. Many students lose motivation to take the remaining exams.

For those of you who are planning to appear for the next phase of the exam, here are some tips from Bratin Mondal, a learner at Unacademy, who scored a 100 percentile in the March attempt of IIT-JEE Mains 2021.

1. Prepare yourself mentally

Exam stress becomes difficult after a certain point.

While you prepare for the exam, it is essential to maintain a balance of both your mental and physical health.

Begin with the most important chapters and primarily, focus on areas where you are particularly weak.

It is not about how many chapters you cover but about how thoroughly you cover each chapter.

2. Don't succumb to the pressure

The preparation process itself can be overwhelming.

Don't underestimate yourself and keep going until you reach your goals.

Along with a strict study routine, it is also important to de-stress yourself by engaging in meditation, yoga, or a workout that suits you.

Refresh yourself by taking breaks, balancing your schedule, and eating healthy.

3. Focus on time management

Be well aware of the exam duration and manage your time accordingly.

It is crucial to divide your time into sections right at the start. This makes it easier to finish your paper on time.

Be careful not to devote more time than necessary to any section.

4. Appear for mock tests

The importance of appearing mock tests cannot be overstated.

Mock tests enable you to review the syllabus in advance of the actual exams. 

Essentially, it allows you to mentally map out your preparations.

It mentally prepares you to take the exam in the allotted time and strengthens your confidence.

5. Choose two subjects to excel

Physics, chemistry and math are the three subjects offered in the academic area for JEE.

Instead of trying too hard to ace all the three, choose any two subjects and excel in them.

6. Read NCERT books

Aspirants are often mistaken that NCERT books are of no relevance.

It is important to note, however, that the basic one-liners and concepts in the exam are drawn from NCERT books.

Students who are struggling in chemistry are advised to read NCERT rigorously in order to solidify their fundamental understanding of the concept.

7. Be confident and positive

Self-motivation is critical for success in the JEE.

Be happy about your strengths and progress and never lose faith in yourself. Your happiness fuels your motivation to achieve your goal.

Believe in yourself, feel positive and confident that you can do it and that you will not accept anything less.

No matter what happens, never lose faith in yourselves until you reach your goals.

It is important to realise that things will not change overnight, but they will undoubtedly improve.

Use this extra time to prepare well, revise your concepts and attempt more mocks while working on your weak areas and polishing your strong skills.

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