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10 tips for a stress-free road trip

Last updated on: August 10, 2016 14:49 IST

With so many public holidays coming up over the weekends, a lot of you may be planning a road trip to a weekend getaway. MotorOctane tells you how to make them enjoyable as you soak in the glory of your journeys.

10 tips for stress-free road trips this long weekend

Photograph: Vir Nakai/Creative Commons

Be it any season, you need to keep your car/bike in good shape and get it serviced before a road trip. Else, a breakdown, on the way, could either mean cancellation of all your plans and even waste of money and time for your friends and family.

1. Visit a service centre or your local mechanic to get your car's/bike's fluid levels checked.

2. Check the entire underbody for any corrosion.

10 tips for stress-free road trips this long weekend

Photograph: Reuben NV/

3. Check all your car/bike papers, registration, PUC and most importantly car/bike insurance. It is illegal to drive without car/bike insurance. Many online aggregators help you buy vehicle insurance online or help online renewals, if your vehicle's insurance has expired.

4. Get all your tyres checked and wheels aligned.

10 tips for stress-free road trips this long weekend

Photograph: Kind Courtesy, The Travelling Divas

5. Ensure all your head and tail lamps are working properly.

6. Do check if all the wires are insulated and there are no loose ends.

7. Do carry a puncture repair kit or a mobile tyre inflator.

10 tips for stress-free road trips this long weekend

Photograph: MotorOctane

8. At the same time even check the spare tyre (for four wheelers) and get it inflated too.

9. Now that it's monsoon time, get your wipers checked. Try and get the good wipers with a cleaner sweep.

10 tips for stress-free road trips this long weekend

Photograph: Courtesy, Royal Enfield

10. Ensure you carry sufficient amount of food and water for safety reasons.

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