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Gixxer SF made Suzuki credible in India

By Narendra Sharma
September 24, 2015 08:17 IST
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The Gixxer actually made people take notice of Suzuki as a serious contender. Is Gixxer SF the best motorcycle to buy in the 150cc segment in India?

The choices for motorcyclists in India are much more today than what you can count on your fingers, unlike a decade back. Buyers have the option to choose from not only makes, but those based on various parameters like looks, performance, fuel efficiency, ease of maintenance, etc.

While manufacturers are trying hard to expand their product portfolio to offer maximum options to customers, there are few bikes that give the satisfaction encompassing various above mentioned parameters.

One such motorcycle that appeals to both the head and the heart is the Suzuki Gixxer SF. This bike is the full-fairing version of the Gixxer and was launched a few months back.

I remember my excitement when I first saw this motorcycle in the showroom, and as I was looking forward to spending some more time exploring the bike properly, it became a part of our long term fleet. Much to my pleasure.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

The Suzuki Gixxer SF has almost everything in common with the Gixxer, except for the fairing.

Starting with the appearance, this is undoubtedly one the best looking bikes in the country, across segments and looks stunning in blue. The bike is neatly crafted and even with the fairing, it doesn't seem overdone.

Apart from the bright blue colour, called Triton Blue, this variant has special graphics which make it stand out from other variants. The styling has consistent lines flowing well from the front to the back. The neatly integrated fairing feels just perfect.

Alloy wheels are very smart and the yellow taping near the lip adds to the flair; even the red stitching on the seat have a touch of class. The well-contoured seat gels well with the overall design.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

The fairing is perfectly sized and the headlamp it houses, is shared with the naked Gixxer. The fully digital instrument cluster offers good detailing. Apart from the speedometer, tacho and fuel guage, there is a trip meter, clock and gear indicator, which are useful features.

I felt that the rear view mirrors were a tad too wide for my liking, but then they do offer a good field of vision.

The bike appears to be a larger capacity one than it actually is. Overall, the Gixxer SF has a very light and nimble stance, which adds to its sportiness, with near perfect dimensions.

It turns heads everytime it passes by the streets and there have been instances when young boys have screamed aloud, in awe of the bike.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

The SF has a 155cc engine, producing 14.3bhp and 14Nm torque, which is shared with Gixxer. This is a carbureted engine and the power figures are best in its class.

Weighing 139 kg the bike is pretty light and this is evident in the way it handles. The Gixxer SF is smooth right from the time you fire up the engine and throughout the rev band.

Power delivery is linear. This one is not exactly zippy but provides good punch and for a 150cc category, it is fairly good. The exhaust is music to the ears, with its throaty kind of note.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

The handling compliments the performance. Leaning into bends is fun with this sweet handler thats keeps asking for more and it happened to me every time I rode it.

The seating position is as good as it can get and provides excellent grip to the knees around the tank contours.

However, I feel that it should definitely have had clip-ons, though not very short, which would look and feel much more sportier and do justice to the SF (Sports Fairing) tag.

Surely something which Suzuki can mull over when planning their next product intervention/facelift.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

The bike was used mostly within the city and returned fuel efficiency of around 50 km/l. On longer rides this went up to 55 km/l, which is good enough.

The Gixxer is the motorcycle that brought some credibility to Suzuki, in India. Though Suzuki's other models like Hayate and Slingshot have been there for some time, they never created that much of a buzz.

The Gixxer actually made people take notice of Suzuki as a serious contender and soon this bike has become a favourite mainly amongst college students.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

The Gixxer SF offers a complete package of style, performance, handling, refinement, decent economy and useful features.

Though all of this comes at a price of Rs 95,000 (on-road, Pune), a combination of all of this is hard to find in what competition is offering and there can be little doubt that this is the best motorcycle to buy in the 150cc segment in India.

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