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Ask ANU: 'I feel suicidal. What can I do?'

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: April 30, 2021 11:20 IST
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How to help someone who is suicidal

Kindly note the image has been posted only for representational purposes. Photograph: Kind courtesy Polina Zimmerman/

The pandemic has taken a savage toll on all of us.

We live in uncertain times where we are not able to step out, meet people, live a normal life. We are grappling with career, job, financial and relationship anxiety.

The fear and stress is affecting both our physical and mental health.

This has led to a significant number of young people taking dire steps and even attempting to end their lives.

A recent study titled Analysis of news media reports of suicides and attempted suicides during the COVID-19 lockdown in India, published in the International Journal Of Mental Health Systems, reported a 67.7 per cent increase in online news media reports about suicidal behaviour.

Anu KrishnaAccording to Anu Krishna (left), mental health expert and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) trainer, a vast number of suicide and failed suicide attempts do not get reported at all.

Why are young people so depressed and stressed?

Why do they hesitate to talk about it and seek professional help?

Why have the numbers increased significantly during the lockdown?

What are the issues affecting teens in India and around the world that we are not aware of?

As part of a special initiative, and Anu Krishna want you to talk about and prioritise mental health and wellness.

"The first step towards raising awareness is to talk about mental health without any fear of being judged," says Anu, who has been working on issues relating to mental health for over two decades now.

What is depression?

When someone says 'I am not feeling good/happy,' What does s/he really mean?

If someone says, 'I don't feel good about my life. I want to die. I feel suicidal,' what can you do to help?

In the first of a series of conversations on mental health awareness with Divya Nair/, Anu Krishna helps us understand why young people feel stressed.

All videos: Produced by Rajesh Karkera/


One of the first steps towards fighting this situation is to talk about one's concerns and feel heard.

But why are young Indians reluctant to seek help? Anu Krishna answers:


What triggers young people to think of suicide as a solution?

Is it the lack of options or the feeling of being misunderstood and betrayed by the ones close to you? Anu answers:


The decision to end one's life doesn't happen overnight.

Most often, they are dropping subtle hints that we are unable to read, or are misunderstanding, or are not taking seriously.

If you are aware of these triggers, you could help save someone's life.

In the video below, Anu explains how to read and understand the warning signs.


Despite the availability of discreet resources, there are several reasons why young, educated people do not seek professional help.

Anu Krishna explains how you can seek help without disclosing your identity.


Lastly, what can you and I do to support someone who is in this situation?

Anu offers some solutions:

Dear Readers, is there something that is bothering you that you are not able to talk to anyone about?

You don't have to be alone and you are NOT.

Please send us your questions and tell us what you are struggling with.

You may e-mail your questions and concerns to (subject: Ask Anu).

If you don't want your identity revealed, please mention it in your e-mail. We will keep your identity confidential.

Disclaimer: All content and media herein is written and published online for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. It should not be relied on as your only source for advice.

Please always seek the guidance of your doctor or a qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition. Do not ever disregard the advice of a medical professional, or delay in seeking it because of something you have read herein.

If you believe you may have a medical or mental health emergency, please call your doctor, go to the nearest hospital, or call emergency services or emergency helplines immediately. If you choose to rely on any information provided herein, you do so solely at your own risk.

Opinions expressed herein cannot necessarily provide advice to fit the exact specifics of the issues of the person requesting advice.

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