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America to India: How the trashtag challenge went viral

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
Last updated on: March 19, 2019 10:04 IST
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Youngsters from across the world are posting inspiring pictures of cleaning up trash in their community. 

If you have seen people on your social media sharing pictures posing with heaps of trash, don't forget to tag along.

The Trashtag Challenge is the latest thing to take over the Internet and the results are inspiring.

What is the Trashtag Challenge?

The original challenge dates back to 2015.

An outdoor lighting company UCO had launched the Trashtag project as a promotional campaign to encourage people to pick up trash while they were out in the wild.

While the challenge died out eventually, in early March 2019, Bryon Roman, an American relaunched the cleanup challenge on social media under the hashtags #Trashtag and #BasuraChallenge.

'Here's a challenge for all you bored teens,' Roman wrote on Facebook.

'Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it, and post it,' he added.

While the original post is no longer available, it was shared over 3 lakh times.

Within a week, thousands of supporters from across the world joined in and posted their pictures.

It started as a silly stunt for bored teens to clean up rubbish in parks and beaches.

It soon turned into a positive social media campaign that has got global attention of the young and old alike.

Take a look at these pictures!

Trashtag challenge

IMAGE: 'My mom and I picked up all this trash on the beach walking for just an hour. Let’s make a difference even when we’re having fun with our friends and family,' Johevis wrote on Instagram after cleaning up Miami beach in Florida. Photograph: Kind courtesy Johevis/Instagram

Trashtag challenge

IMAGE:'Challenge for change,' India's Abin M Johy wrote next to this picture of his group clean up act.  Photograph: Abin M Johny

Trashtag challenge

IMAGE: 'A challenge that matters! As an individual you can make a difference,' Sidhaant Muley from Mumbai wrote after taking this challenge. Photograph: Kind courtesy Sidhaant Muley/Instagram

Trashtag challenge

IMAGE: 'Had a surprising amount of fun doing the #trashtag challenge. Spend some time and clean up an area in your community,' Alex Schilz who cleaned up Burlington beach in Canada with a friend posted next to this image. Photograph: Kind courtesy Alex Schilz/Instagram

Trashtag challenge

IMAGE: 'We decided to do something good this sabbath on our walk, we cleaned up the trash that surrounded the back gate to our elementary school,' Joanna Brimhall, a kinder garten teacher based out of Gilbert, Arizona captioned this picture.  Photograph: Kind courtesy Joanna Brimhall/Instagram

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