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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Getahead » Have you met Alison Teal, the female Indiana Jones?

Have you met Alison Teal, the female Indiana Jones?

Last updated on: November 14, 2016 18:00 IST
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alison tealShe travels the world, mostly in a pink bikini, and a shares a powerful message of a clean and green Earth.

Alison Teal's Instagram account is filled with pictures from her adventures. Adventures with a cause, may we add?

Paris. The USA. Sri Lanka. The list goes on. 

In 2015, Time magazine called this American 'female Indiana Jones' while Huffington Post tagged her the 'Oprah of Adventure'.

What does she do?

The filmmaker and environmentalist ventures into deep, unexplored territories to show the world, sometimes the beautiful things we are missing around us, sometimes, of the filth we are generating and not doing anything about.

She has 68,000 followers who believe that she is 'living a dream.'

Let's take a trip of her super life through her adventurous images on Instagram.

IMAGE: Alison was recently in Paris, France, where she delivered a speech as part of the World Environmental Forum. Sharing this view of her in a pink bikini on a surfboard facing the city's iconic landmark, she wrote: 'If we don't protect our oceans, we won't survive - not to mention we'll be surfing dirty, cold rivers.' All photographs: Kind courtesy Alison Teal/Instagram

IMAGE: Does this picture disturb you? Well, it should. Here she is standing amidst all the plastic at Ballona Creek in California and urging the people to give up plastic for the environment and join her for a healthy debate on how each one can be part of the cause.

IMAGE: This happy image of Alison in a hot air balloon was clicked after she delivered her speech in Paris. 

IMAGE: Sharing this image of her in Marais Poitevin, a marshland in France, Teal shared an interesting fact: 'Turns out that when you make motion in the water, natural gas is released from the earth and when you hold a lighter to it, the surface of the stream ignites!'

IMAGE: She made it to the top of Dune Du Pilat, one of the tallest sand dunes in Europe. In Alison's words, it offers 'one the most spectacular sunsets in France!' She is holding a reusable water bottle that doubles as a foam roller. 

IMAGE: 'Our sustainable home in Aspen made from mud and straw is almost complete after a decade of dedicated love,' she captioned this picture.

Her father, she said, 'built the masterpiece by hand from the ground up with the support and donations of time from friends and family and material from all over the world - reclaimed windows, ancient carved beams from family in Indonesia, and mud from the land I'm standing on.'

She best sums it that a home 'can be cozy, functional, gorgeous, AND at one with nature - and a foundation to feed the planet for future generations to flourish.'

IMAGE: Circa 1980, when her parents started the first Telemark ski school to make funds for their sustainable home.

IMAGE: Hurrah! It's Coastal Clean up Day and Alison is leading the way. 'If the oceans die, we die! Let's stop single use plastic and keep our planet alive for future generations,' she wrote.

IMAGE: She shared this picture to celebrate her contribution towards creating a community garden for 6,000 kids at Wishtoyo Chumash Village, a historical and cultural site somewhere in the USA. She called it her tiny bit towards supporting Chumash Native Americans. 

IMAGE: Yes, that's a volcano mountain in Hawaii and the lava is flowing into the sea, not too far away from where Alison is surfing in this picture.
'When I was a baby and building our handmade home, we would sleep under the stars on the lava and during the day I would learn to swim in the tide pools and lie on the sun-warmed lava rocks for hours asking everyone, be it local fisherman, wise Kahuna, or my parents to tell me a story about Pele, the goddess of the volcano and how she formed my 'playground.' As the years passed the ancient lava field in front of my house became the only Hawaii 'playground' I knew,' shared the daredevil woman.

IMAGE: After another successful clean up campaign, she is seen posing with her tireless task force.

IMAGE: 'I was born on the floor of a log cabin to the wildest and most wonderful parents I could dream of and within weeks they whisked me up the highest peak in Southern Peru, Ausangate, for my first family field trip!' she reminisced about her adventures as a just born. 

IMAGE: Throwback to this picture of Alison enjoying a piece of pineapple while posing for her father on a beach in Brazil. This photograph, she says, went on to become the poster for Patagonia baggy shorts. 'Moral of the story: Every time you start to get a "what the hell am I wearing and why I am here" feeling, remember to look around and taste the sweet pineapples of life because great things will come of it!' sums up the female Indiana Jones.
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