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Don't Miss! The Rediff Cricket Show

Last updated on: March 19, 2015 17:10 IST

Catch us LIVE! at the end of the match between India and Bangladesh quarter-final on Thursday, March 19.

India versus Bangladesh 

When it comes to cricket, everyone in India is an expert.

And the most exciting event happening right now is the World Cup, which everyone hopes will be back in India by the end of March.

This, we thought, was the perfect time to bring you the Rediff Cricket Show, hosted by cricket fans for cricket fans.

This is where we answer your questions, comment on your comments, share your angst and your joy.

All you need to do is post your questions/ comments here and, of course, watch the LiveStream at the end of each innings.

Don't miss our Live Discussion at the end of the match between India and Bangladesh. Will India make it to the semi-finals?

Don't forget to post your questions/comments here.

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