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Readers speak out!

Last updated on: April 17, 2005 17:10 IST
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Sourav Niyogi

Without the Bengal tiger India seemed like headless chickens on the Kotla.....

Ex cricketers and irresponsible media contributed to India's downfall.. once again it proves why we are a backward country inspite of all progresses we have made.


Shahul Eassa

Hi Mr.Prem,

Thank you very much for keping us informed about  the ball by ball events, of course we enjoyed it, and my comment about  the series  is --those  who determined to win -those who played well-are destined to be winners-and no body can prevent them from winning.

Remember  we won the serires in Pak.

Whatever disappointment there is  about the failure, it helps  us to reduce the distance  between the hearts  of the two neighbours,- let us wish  more and more series  in  both countries  to  have a good interaction between  the people in both countries.


Nitin Kurve

Dear Prem,

It is not possible for many of Indian Teams and Units to be best in the world. It requires a different character. An aim-full life and die-hard dedication to live to the fact – be best or don't be. Life should have left only one option for one person only then he can cross every hurdle and can realize that he can be the best. For whomsoever have we are proud of, was not born different or extra caliber, but just he dug to the process, he consumed every bad signs, put down the odds and helped him to what we call as a 'Great'.

You know my friend, it lies within so deep inside of your social system, where less human being are really are "Independent', can take on life, can be whatever they can, can go beyond certain limitations, tastes the risks, love the challenges, don't afraid of failure, for that brings a pride or a sign that only if this thing is prevented and controlled, there could be a destiny which you or me often believe and wish to endure.

Your social system is too much worse dear Pannikar. We still look ahead to manage the life with others expectations. You can see, too many people will come in between when you've decided to put yourself in the mission and there will be every reason who will keep you miles back from what you could really be and should be. The strength to ignore everything like that and to be whatever you can is so much missing in our society, so lacking the independent capacity and true die-hard promoter and emotionally motivator in your environment, as the result, it the mental boundary causing less free efforts that required 100% and we're lagging behind in so many fields, sciences, and demanding environment.

Too give 100% you need to be merciless with too many things. There you need to forget what the world concerned about baseless reasons and write the destiny of your own. There you need to win yourself everymoment to win the world. There you need to help your destiny, weave the things as per your wishes requirements and live just for the cause, only then world can recall that you were lived a day. You know, we don't lack in potential, we just lack to determine and give it 100%. Otherwise, we have too many people who can change the people, environment, results for destiny and the future for the future lives in our society.

People should come with independent mind when they come to give themselves for the cause. One should be undefeatable in the brain game. You know, if you win your brain, you can win everything, India has to show that potential in too many things. You have to know that you can get it, only then you can get it done always and you can always have a crown on your head.

You know, I'm merciless and do whatever I wish with 100% touch. I believe to give my all mental, physical and financial energy to the  aims I live, and often get the best thing more  than I really ever deserve.

You prepare this Indian team with all toughest ideals and ideas of living to the aims, only then they will give up the matter of personal safety in the team environment and just do anything possible for the cause and shall really make their life to have proud of. For, people who emerge in our ideas just bubbles to work, they make their own way in every and any environment. And they can win what they have to. For they never settled for less than acceptable. So ask your teammates, what they have kept the aim in their lives and what they are living for it, what they're making out of their efforts, how they're mercilessly putting down their enemy and not steeling for less than a win and a win over everything in personal, professional, emotional and mechanical responsibilities.

I've not accepted less than a victory over every aims and desires of my own and feel that can put a lot of smiles on everyones face. And ever since I knew I can get it done, I've never stopped anywhere, since then I just move and ensure that I win everywhere. For it is important for so many inseparable  desires and the destiny I want. There comes a lot of things to check my strengths and integrity, but I come with more laudable strengths. For, I know life have left to me the only option, that's to be best, otherwise I know I will be no where. For I have begun and nurtured my initiatives despite lots of trouble I faced, but my faith told me I'm going to be there and I came far ahead and now just to have my destiny I weaved in the thoughts and the winner I will be.

You ask your teammates, what they want ? When they will forget the option of loosing and if such word will never exist for them in the world, they will be just winning everywhere. You know, I can't accept loosing, so I desperately win over everything.

You know, your teammates have shown the glimpses of their ability, just make them mentally free and get them very independent and let them live to the ultimate goals irrespective of who and what makes it feel great. When they will care for the job, the job will care for them. Ask them to attack, be a winner, everywhere, every moment.

Could you pass on the message ? We all are born similar. Its just who does the work makes difference. When people are carrying the cap of India, tell them, here they have to live, not to rest. How can we be, when we know, we have to work.

Ask them to get  on to the things and not to be in the state of security but to surrender everything of their capacity. You know, security kills and insecurity makes work, for you never know when you can be challenged ! Ask them to attack and discourage the odds. I can't afford to have others a victory over me, I never like that, so its entirely different necessity for me to win and just win.

Yes, my victory makes people happy and with me I encourage the environment and the people to be in my side and just to do the needful for their aims and desires in their lives.

Be it my Conservation & Restoration or your discipline, the victory is often similar, comes with the similar attitude. Just it matters, who dares to bell the cat ? Could India ? May really be ! Just help their minds, they will live with the hearts.

When that will happen, you will see India winning ! Help them to help India. Open the locks of their lives and let them grow free, limitless and independent. They will be more nice than you can ever ever think and dream for.

Good Luck Prem for best fortunes ! Just don't forget, "Fortune is always there, just who tries it till he gets it just matters!" Will India ? Will, certainly ! If you people in the environment could make it rich and ask them to fight for their destiny. For destiny helps, who helps it. I've firm belief on it. So that. Thanks !  


Sajan Philip

Hi Prem,

What a gift to the departing Coach!  I know what Mr. Wright is thinking.  If you put the dog's tail in a pipe for fifteen years  when the pipe is removed the tail will remain bent again.   He has spent such a long time to teach these so called masteros.  The way they played definitely shows they are not good learners, instead 'one day'  wonders.

Thank you very much for your efforts to give such a beautiful coverage to the matches.



Dear Prem,

Gambhir to replace Sachin

Pathan to replace Agarkar

Jus a few names.

Ganguly does also not fit in  Bring back Lakshman


Alpika Sadh

I really thought that the series was fixed and that the score will be 3-3 after six games. But to my surprises i think that the last game wasn't.


Rupert Crasto


I think India lacks consistency.   They should be focusing on consistent players and if this even means dropping players like Tendulkar and Yuvraj it should be taken keeping in mind India as a team and we need good players who can provide consistent performances.

I would definitely bring on players like Ghambir, Dhawan, who at times can play the anchor role or can even go bizarre when the situation requires.


Ankit Rawat

Dear Mr Prem Panicker,

I am following yur updated from vancouver canada. It is 3:35 am here but i am still up partly because of the match and partly i am studying for my exams. The one thing that i have noticed in the indian team over the years i that they lack the passion to fight back. Where as pakistan on the other hand will fight till the end. Our team is too dependent on a couple of star players and if on of them crumbles then the whole team falls apart. Although i have noticed an increase in the team spirit in the team but that doesn't come in handy when we r losing so badly on our own ground. In my openion indian team should make up new strategies which will improve their performance.



Hi Prem,

It was really a great disappointment by Indian. They do not play to the best of their ability. What best they can do is only " bubly bubly " What India lacks is team spirit & Killing instinct. After Dhoni they should sent some one as second Pinch hiter (Agarkar) Since this is game some win other loose but our loose was shameless.

To make the players more professional we should stop them doing advertising becoz they are getting more money by doing it than playing the game, as a result their contribution is not up to mark.

It's high time to stop their Bubly bubly game !!!!!!!

Your comments please.


Viren Gupta

Hi Prem,

Just wanted to get some of your expert opinion on Indian team. Do you think it is time for India to relook at the team? Is it time to do a major overhaul like we did when they created the team of 90s. That time Indian team threw out lots of big named players and brought in new and unknown ones. I admit the triggering factor for this thought process is the horrible loss in the current series but even otherwise team does not have any bench strength (we are carrying ppl like Murli Kartik who choke on every chance given), have no one other then Dravid who can be called consistent. Sachin keeps failing in every high pressure match and Ganguly just keeps failing. There is more or less no reliable bowlers. Zaheer is there but again very inconsistent. I am tempted to go in more details but I think U got the picture.




I think that unless India gets bowlers of the quality of Brett Lee and Glenn McGrath in its side, there is no way India can be a good team and we can't expect the team to win very often. Only some excellent batting once in a while is not the sign of a great team.


Ateeq and Bella from China

Hello Prem,

Well,wonderful game played by Pakistan. Here is the reply of your question that till next season what Indian team should do to improve.....well,we think that NEtWORK Singh should be in indian cricket team  and Indian team should got o Pakistan to get trained by Pak Cricket team and i think that Paki young guys who play in streets will also help to train the Indian cricket team....Hope Indian cricket team will get some skills in Pakistan.....Cheers....anyway keep on
good work........Cheers.




These are my views about the questions you had posed.

1) As we all know, there is no dearth of talent in this Indian team or in the reserves. And of course seeing at the way we have played and learned over the years, it is very hard to believe that things can change in 4 months. We have the talent, we need application & dedication. Not sure how these could be inculcated into our players. Might be they can watch the Ashes and learn from Aus or Eng.

2) On your 2nd Q, in the batting dept, I would like to see Tendulkar (Dont get me wrong, he is a great player with immense talent, but not performing of late, one century in 6 matches does not do justice to his talent) sit out along with Yuvraj. i would like to see the inclusion of VVS and Hemang. If strict rules apply to them, hey they apply to every player, however great he WAS!!!

Thanks for bringing cricket to our home.



Hi Prem,

Its was very nice to follow your live commentary.

It would be better to demolish all the squad of Indian Team and Ban for 10 consequetive matches - it would not only save the money but also save the hearts of the people in India......

The most world famous cricketers are making their own selfish records rather than playing for the Team, which is a shameful part of the Indian Team.

You can lose the matches one, two, three but FOURTH one without giving tough fight you are loosing the match means, you are not fit for the Team to play with World Class Cricket.. 

Recomment to the BCC to pull down everybody from the Team and make NEW ONE - Let the old people go for the marketing for advertisement etc., better take them rest.


Naeem Abdul

Hi Prem,

I think the whole team should be changed, Sachin, Veeru, all these guys should be given the stick. Dravid should be retained the captain. And lets bring in some good blood.


Manju Latha

Hi friend,

Comments on failure and attitude of indian crowd is happening every time, which also shows the poor attitude on entire nation itself.

Coming to big collapse,Its not the day or first they collapse by seeing big scores...

There were many batsmen in Indian line up who wont play when there is huge score.

Please review the previous by individual wise.

I think sewhag had played well for 3 matches atleast which is best for this series on indian line up.

Sachin scored only one thing and no result match.If that innings wont click then we should have send him from bottom order.

Dravid, it was said on uncountable occassions where he is the wall.When he is as a wall when india chased more than 280+.

Moreover some people say he will act as a shadow.Its not correct in any means.if he had scored more than 100+ he could nt have been shadow and moreover if he is wall indian wont loose test matches either in india or abroad.

Coming to Yuvraj and Kaif ,They are only fielders good in any conditions.But they will play for 30 matches odd.I think even Bangladesh team wont give chance for players performing for 30 matches odd.

I dont know why one choose Dinesh Mongia...!!!Selectors Policy..

They could have gone for Indian under-19 or better in Ranjis squad.If they follow this then India will go to last rankings.Its inevitable.

Should one choose bowlers who had gone for 70+ in previous matches.This is with Nehra today.ITs quite ridiculous selection.

Some people said that Dravid is good leader,what he has done in last 2 matches.

I dont understand people going to support for one win or one failure.Does any captain brings Dinesh Mongia in circle when Afridi is in such form.This can help many who support him...

I dont know why the crowd had to react on instances like this. Wont this mislead on others..



I am proud of Indian Media, who have done an incredible job of making ordinary players Gods..and Millionaires..but when they have to deliver..they say they (Tendulkar) plays slow or carefully because bowlers have figured him out...

Wow thats a great analysis..have you ever heared Viv Richards, Dean Joans, Steve Waugh..say that..thats in one line speaks of the worlds best batsmen who cant deliver when he has to..but still makes crores and wants a tax break for his Ferrari.


Siddhartha Sanyal

Hi Prem,

Thanks for the commentary.

Successful team, successful captain. There are two components I guess - absolute and relative. I will come to the ranking by ICC later.

Lets pair up the team and captain together, initially.

1. A successful team-captain can be defined as a team-captain which in the last one or two or three years have won more ( of course the definition of 'more' is also crucial, whether winning 10 as opposed to winning 1 additional match. what exactly constitutes safely as 'more') as compared to the years before ( there should be some sort of balance regarding the years being considered). This is what one would term as relative success.

2. Absolute success,  might be defined as the percentage of wins in any period, irrespective of the win ratio of the peeriod before.

Its important to keep the periods long, so as to remove statistical glitches. lets say we compare ganguly - wright era to the one just before. So the last 5 years is in focus here.

The questions then are :

1. have we won more matches than the previous 5 years in terms of the number of matches.

( 5 years is good enough to reduce the chances of saying that, yeah we won more because we didnt play australia)

2. what kind of wins have we had. (Natwest win, champions trophy- runners up once, champions trophy joint winners once, world cup finals...on the other side  the bad part is that we have one very few one day series at home, which used to be our forte before.

If we compare both this with the 5-year period before, maybe we have done well (except the homee series winning part). So  we have had relative success.

Now for absolute success. its upto definition. what consitutes as success. The percentage of wins that aussies maintain ?  Or 50% or 60%.  So it depends a lot on the yardstick.

One thing to note here is that most pundits have been in fact saying that India has had a slide regarding one-dayers after the world cup, as in a consistent slide. Tests we have had some sort of consistency.  Winning atleast one test in all the series that we have played and only one series loss after the Newzealand debacle.  So in terms on absolute success I guess we dont consider the ganguly-wright pair that successful anymore (the last 1.5 or so years). maybe there are reasons - tendulkar has been in and out due to injuries, so have been our bowlers and of course the very consistent form of our capain. But if we consider the entire 5 years and depending on our definition of the yardstick for success, maybe India is a succcessful team.

Now  lets see what consitutes as a good captain. I'll put a series of statements and  and try to see wht they are leading to.

1. Hussain lost more than he won. Yet he was considered a successful captain. "The best England had after "Mike Bre."

2. Fleming's value addition as a batsman to his  team is not the highest (he cant bowl and averages 30 something). His win to loss ratio is no where close to Pontings. Yet he is  considered  a great captain, - "best in cricket today".

3. Border lost more than he won in his initial years, afer Packer doldrums. Yet he is credited with what aussies achieve today.

4. Lara is an outsanding captain-batsman  and leads from the front. But no one even whispers that he is a great captain.

So i guess a captain's contribution is to be considered in a wider perspective

a. Did he by his astute man management (0n-off the field) and cricket moves(on the field) was able to bring about a difference, cause a change for the better( bangladesh still loses, but the general belief is that they are a fighting and competitve bunch now, and the clamour for their relegation is much softer).

b. Was his contribution exceptional. Did the captain lead from the front (like a certain Steve Waugh or Ponting or even Lara).

c. Did the team under him take a different approach to the game than before, and did it start paying dividends.

d. Did he manage to extract the best out of his players. (reason why Fleming is regarded as a great captain, and also vaughan for his easy going attidue as opposed to hussain's military style leadership).

e. Last is the easiest. It can overshadow all the points a-d. whats the win ratio of the captain. This being the easiest determing factor. Did he manage to win more than his predecessors (over a statistically significant period of time - say 5 years" ).

f. Finally whether one should persists with a current captain.

This brings us to the conclusion. Yes ganguly-wright and the indian team has had relative success. For absolute success you have to detemine the yard stick. If the yard stick is not that of australia, they have had a fair amount of absolute success in Tests. One dayers they had a fair amount of success till middle 2003. Since then the level of absolute success in one-dayers have gone down. Also the level or relative success in one-dayers has gone down, if the period being considered is the last two years.

Now should ganguly continue to be the captain after his return.

In my opinion NO. In the captain analysis, he might still get us wins (thus satisfy point e). But he probably has  nothing more or additional to contribute regarding points a - d. He has done good and by those stated criteria (a-d) he will be judged in the future,  possibly as a great captain. But since he has nothing additonal to contribute(in terms of ideas or attitude) he needs to go,unless point e is overwhelmingly in his favor, lets say he can convince that he is gonna  win 70% or more of the remaining matches that india plays under him(becos in the end everything that you do is towards winning)

So he has to go and lets hope that whoever is the captain will possibly keeep the good points from ganguly's era (and throw out the bad points), but will also have additional contributions - his own style, attitude, thinking etc..

This was a tad long. The ICC ranking discussion will have to wait. :)



Hi Prem,

Finally i think Ganguly will have the last laugh. In the recent past i dont remember India having lost a match in such an embarassing fashion, like today (the match is still only in its 31st over, but its as good as lost). As a hind thought, i feel it was a bad move removing Ganguly for the last two matches, especially when the pressure was on india to win. This would have been very unsettling for the players, not to mention Dravid, who without warning was thrust with such a huge responsibility on his shoulders. All in all, a very dismal, disappointing performance.


Red Herring

Hi Prem

I've followed your writings for quite some time now ...and I'd have to say i thoroughly enjoy and appreciate it...even if i dont't always agree with your views.

Being a armchair critic is second nature to indians all i would know having stayed up long nights following ball-by-ball commentary on cricinfo.So its a great relief to see such fun chatty commentary.. though i am watchin the match now....ah the joys of a TV Tuner card!

Anyways coming back to India cricket, I have no idea why these commentatos on TV keep harping about new blood/fresh legs etc. as the only real way to get out of the hole team India's dug itself into in the last yr.

Its not like we havent had youngsters come in have we?  balaji, pathan,karthik,gambhir and now Dhoni(for keeps it seems, as the lads got a steely temperament)

The problem's not in the players though arguably most haven't struck up any sort of sustained form.

The problem i think is in the COACH. John wright has been quite ordinary when it comes to strategy and its isn't just Woolmer who's got him beat. its pretty much every other team.  How many times have u watched india's matches thinking they're playin brainless cricket.They never seem to have a Plan B ever.

Everything from field placings, disciplined bowling ...sane batting ...running singles, fielding  ..minding extras .... all these come under the purview of the coach ...and his performance has been absolute bad.

Here's hoping that the next coach india gets is slightly authoritative....these guys *need* to be  whipped into shape.It won't take long ... its just that the coach needs to be assertive!

One other thing ....i couldn't help noticing from ur commentary that u really lay it on thick against agarkar.

Poor guy...don't hold his looks against him.. unrealised potential you say...  but how many indian bowlers have u seen who actually had any potential to begin with and gone on to realise anything. For all the talk abt balaji ..on anything other than seaming tracks or places where it swings a bit ...the  guys a trundler.

Zaheer doesnt swing it ...but is composed enuf to use his cutters etc, Nehras got the most potentialbut he's also the most wayward. Pathan's only good vs the bangles ...when he shapes the ball in..attitude's good though Who else? medium pace ranji trundlers? at least agarkar gives it everything ..which is more than what can be said abt others



Hi Prem,

Yet again, its been a very poor performance by the Indians. Not just by the Indian cricketers but also from the Indian crowd at Kotla. I don't understand why the Indians can't accept defeat. Well, agreed this defeat was more than a mere defeat but i really do not thnk its the end of our lives! Yes, i do follow cricket and i am definitely disappointed whenever India puts up a poor show, but don't you think that RESPECT should be given to the opposition team.

Moving away from that, what do you really think about Rahul's captaincy? i did not think it was bad but i did think that Rahul does lack that agression that Ganguly posesses. All together don't you think the team's self belief and morale has to be lifted up? I mean Pakistan were underdogs at the start of the tour and now they have conquered the Indian team to such heights that Indians are just praying and hoping that they do not lose a match with out putting up a decent fight. But Alas! I am afraid they HAVEN'T put up a decent fight.

Another thing that pops up now is the new coach for the Indian team. Who do you think will make a good coach for the team? Do you think Whatmore has it in him to coach our Indians the way he coached the Sri Lankans? or even better perhaps?

before putting an end to my numerous question, can we know your age and what you are actually by profession? its interesting to read your commentary becauze you just sound too professional to be in a non-cricketing profession. well perhaps i am wrong. do let me know.


Narendra Kapur

hi prem!

thanx for all your hard work in providing us a very "visual" commentary. i know that no one would be as heartbroken as you with this outcome.

one may simply analyse this "fiasco" to our indian mentality of sticking to our heroes and continuing to feed their egos. it's time to off the job of national selector to some serious - like steve waugh. personally, i've never, ever, liked the guy's playing ethics but i've always admired his raging ambition and his dedication. if he comes in as coach/selector, rest assured, he'll ask the tendulkars and the gangulys to pull up their jocks and weed out the flash-in-the-pan yuvrajs. he'll put the bowlers straight and bring in the much required killer-instinct to the indian side.

sometimes, i wish that you were a least i know that you're passionate, knowledgeable, apolitical and incorruptible!


R Ramesh

Hi Prem,

First of all, hope this catches your attention - else it will join a host of other mails that have failed to do so (dating back to 1998!).

You have asked in general what is this "success" of the Indian team we keep harping about... Fair question, and has indeed been debated long and hard.

My own thoughts on this - first of all, I do believe the ICC rankings are anything but perfect. Its one thing to say we are down in the order, its another to say Aus is second to SA in tests (as it did once not so long back). So I think the ranking, any ranking for that matter, has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

At the same time, I don't think a #8 position is unwarranted either. Its a rather apt reflection of the way we have played since the heady days of WC'2003.

However, if I read you right, you have raised the question that is slightly broader in scope - is the Indian team successful, and do we indeed have a successful captain? My take is yes and yes; not if you take a narrower panorama of 2003-2004, but 2000-2004. Primarily for reasons below:

1. Our victories are increasingly global; not restricted to the subcontinent. Champions trophy successes, Natwest and the WC are some examples. We are still some way off though from being consistent, but certainly better than before.

2. Our selected 15, and indeed our reserves, are much better players than before. Compare this to 1997, when Srinath injury unearthed Noel David. Even in 1999, we had passengers like Devang Gandhi and Jacob Martin. Robin Singh was considered the ultimate utility player (nothing against Robin, still think he served us excellently, but was certainly a limited cricketer). All that is of the past - we can genuinely say that the current team at least looks world-class.

3. Our results are not because of 1-2 players. More and more people are contributing day-in and day-out. Newer players, like Dhoni, Balaji and Pathan, give a lot more options today.

4. Our results don't really depend on flat tracks. In fact, in such tracks, it seems our batting advantage is actually nullified - the home series victories of WI and Pak in recent years are stand testimony. We are best playing in conditions like Eng/SA. Continuing this thread, I think we'll do well in WI.

5. Though the current Pak series suggests otherwise, in general adherence to the basics has improved. Rotation of the strike, running between the wickets, catching, fitness levels, stamina, communication, general cricketing nous, participation of the junior team members etc seemed to have improved.

Club all this together, and I do believe we have a successful team, and by extension, we do have a successful captain. Note that none of the above means anything for the future. I would say the current Pak series is a reflection of how lack of attention to basics can hurt us. One hour of tight captaincy - in overs 20 to 35 - could have won us the match at Ahmedabad. And the lesser said of our chasing skills the better.

But we will go through a cycle; for example, it just takes the openers to click, and suddenly India plays like a different team. Save Australia, I don't think there is any team we can't beat on any given day, even a slightly off day for us. Its taken some effort to reach this point; hope we don't squander it.


Sriram Natarajan

Hi Prem

Besides the captaincy issue (how a player without form was captain for so long), there is the issue of selection.

Why should not the team be selected from a pool of 22 players and suitable rotation be enforced so that players get breaks and rewarded/punished for good/non-performance?  Those players in exceptional form can play in most matches but those in mediocre form (a run of three failures) can be rested for a couple of games till they get their turn (assuming someone else has a string of 3 failures).   And sometimes even those who are doing well can be given a break now and then.  So as long as a person merits a place in the  top 20, he is going to get chances every now and then (instead of being ignored for years on end).

In this series, the blame falls on Ganguly. He dropped the ball in the test series (more than once).  Wright also seemed rather non-involved (not surprising). The Pakistanis have a good coach, a performing captain, and their team is gelling well and are definite contenders in the 2007 world cup.



Dear Prem,

It's an excellent commentary, throughout the series, you had delivered to us, the unlucky ones who had missed the live telecasts. It's very unfortunate that's happening in Delhi that reminds us of the world cup match at Kolkotta few years ago. Is there any law that bans the venue or city, say, for five years or more for such incidents? I feel it should be brought into notice of the lawmakers of this game and be strictly followed.

Hope the game will resume soon and we could see from your commentary rest about the downfall of the greats in cricket. What a way to finish a series! And I feel sorry, as you mentioned before, for Mr. John Wright who had never dreamed in his life of such a drastic end to his coaching career in India.

Hope our guys will correct their mistakes soon and come back in full strength for future matches.


Vilas Magar


I want to thanks to indian team because they lost and i could win the beat of big amount.

Thanks once again , and keep it up the same way.


Sandeep Kumar

c'mon prem this is not fair today we lost are rather on verge of losing is not coz of agarkar really what did he do 9 overs 58 runs 3 wickets to blame him comon Mr nehra has done nothing is this series yet like VVS laxman ajit agarkar it seems is the pet bashing boy when he came to bowl  today already the skipper was made to look a fool coz of way the opening bowlers in  specially nehra bowled 22 runs check ur facts after that the momentum was always with pakistan you guys are also going like star news match ki mujrim so today lets hang agarkar tendulkar and all disgusting the way you journs  make money i cant blame batsmam its wasnt a 300 pitch at all alwful bowling.




when was the Indian team ever good? They reached the finals at the WC 2 years back but wait that was under ganguly so that doesnt count because ganguly is worthless. The fact of the matter is all the best cricket players in India are busy doing something else. So if these guys: 1) Got off their armchairs or computers or whatever 2) stop spending energy pulling off expert opinions from where the sun dont shine  3) stop pontificating and passing judgement and blaming one man for a teams failure and would actually apply for a position on the team (I am sure they would get in, the strategies and advice they pass are bulletproof, and their team selection and pitch predictions are flawless), the indian team would be worldbeaters in no time. Then such questions would not be asked on a live commentry site, for a couple of reasons at least.


George Joseph

Hi! Prem,

Seems like the wind is blowing against India.

I was just pondering, when our players are training, why not give thema dead pitch, where the ball does not rise or come to the bat. The reason, In the last 2 games played and the current going on the only reason I got and get hear, is "the ball is not comming up to the bat, it is staying low" that's what I say keep the boys trained on low pitches also, or more on low pitches.



Debanjan Bhattacharya


Inspite of the no 8 ranking; we are the only team who can give it back to Australia (undoubtedly no 0, ie before 1). Also no 8 is statistical, where one can beat Bangladesh & Kenya or win a home series or two. Our cricket tem, like all our countrymen, have it in themselves but lack the resolve & self belief to emerge the winner, which they can any day !!!!

I guess this terrible performance is really a microcosm of the phenomenon called India, where we historically are underperformes in every field.

Guys you can do it, just believe in yourselves.


Anirban Mukhopadhyay

Hi Prem,

WRT your comment, isn't it just a carryover effect from a time not so long ago, when we were indeed a successful team with a successful captain? We'd reached about a dozen finals, including the World Cup. We had two of the three best opening pairs in the business. Our new guns in the middle order had shown we could win from seemingly impossible situations. It all looked good. We even won in Pakistan.


Mudassar Rafique

Man, thats a shame. When India was in Pakistan, no such incident happen (even india won both  tests and one days) and look at Indians.

Thats a shame.

What's astonishing is how quickly all this has fallen off. Now we're back to relying on individual brilliance, and it seems as if even that is becoming as rare (and un-matchwinning) as it used to be. And the only causal factor I can identify is Ganguly's falling off as a batsman. Seems incredible how his state of mind has affected our performance -- Afridi's got us running scared, when not so long ago it was us who were the aggressors!

It's great to see you back on the cricket shift, BTW. Thanks much for your commentary too. I'm just wondering whether you can't get someone to take dictation for you...

Yours in the happy knowledge that we won't see India lose for a while now.




To answer your question about succesful captain and succesful team, well, check out the Test rankings where we are now in no. 3rd position and if not for that blundering 3rd test, we would have been 2ND !!!! And before SG took over, we were 7th !!!! So there. Go back to reporting and stop being a cricket expert..leave the job of commenting on performances to experts.

As to the one day performances, we took a dip only in the last 1 year and the rankings are he are in 8th..else in 2003 after WC, we were 3rd!! So there!


Nitin Bansal

The Indian cricket type is all Hype and no substance.

Sample this -

In New Zealand and England, they lose (batsman lose the plot and bowlers are pathetic) because the wickets are seaming and ball swings which our expert batsman (sachin included) cannot handle.

In Australia, India lose as the wickets are bouncier and indians are not used to it. The last series was drawn, but remember Mcgrath, warne were not there and the wickets were on less bouncier/slower side barring Perth.

In South Africa/West Indies, India lose as the wickets are fast and hard. India is not used to such wickets. C'mon how is anyone expected to play. Why should Indian cricketers adapt, the entire world has to adapt.

In Srilanka, the wickets are spinning (and though they are one of the best players of spin) they have to contend with Murli and hence they lose.

In Pakistan, due to pressure(arch foes/rivals) they lose. Accidently India won the series and the team management may still be wondering how did Pakistan not win the series.

In India, they lose to teams like Australia, Pakistan and south Africa due to pitch playing slow, bad umpiring and their indifferent form but then they do win series by close margins of 2-1, or 3-2 against Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Only Team Management and GOD knows how and what they do plan.

Everyone mentions John Wright's contribution, but where is he and his immaculate planning and analysis when leg-side dollies are offered liberally to opposition batsman.

They surely whine a lot and offer new excuses/reasons for not performing.

Well Done Indian Team and keep your performance way down.

Thanks Prem for wonderful commentary and analysis which you keep providing.


S Hari Shankar

What Bharat Desai says about overpaid prima donnas is bang on target.

Sachin Tendulkar - once a good player, but cannot be relied upon today to deliver when needed.

Sehwag - technique marginally better than Afridi's and can deliver once in every 8 matches or thereabouts.

Dravid - Can still bat a little, but then can he ever perform like Inzamam, who is terribly under-rated.

Kaif - a poor man's cricketer - it is a rare talent that can make an international side purely on his fielding abilities a la Jonty Rhodes - Kaif does not come close with either his batting or his fielding - this is not to say he is the best Indian fielder on display.

Yuvraj Singh - Not enough cricketing talent or ability

Dinesh Mongia - another Yuvraj Singh

Dhoni - one swallow does not make a summer.

It might seem cruel, but what Indian Cricket needs desperately, is a severe surgical procedure starting from the administration down to the players. I have no hang-ups about the rewards that everyone associated with Indian cricket is reaping, but then when they do not perform, it is not bouquets, but brickbats that should go their way. There is absolutely no accountability now and that is something that INDIA cannot and should not tolerate any more.


Subramaniam Ranganath

Hey Man,

In final totallity, this is very unfair to the Indian fans.  Team India does not seem to perfrom in crunch situations and losing to Pakistan by 150 over runs, that too @ home is very humilating.  If we have to lose this way, we might as well re-vamp the team and lose games with rookies.  I think even the Indian eves will perform better. 

We can get the Australian women's team to play Team India and still lose.  This is a very shameful act.  My heart cries for all the Indian fans who spent their time and money watching Team India lose



Veeraiah Gujjula

Dear sir,

Mr.Sachin should not play.If he is ready to play for next matches the committee should not alow him.

He does not have any responsblty. He should regain to keep his prestige.


Baban Deshmukh

Dear Prem,

If we are loosing like this, isn't this is the time we infuse the fresh blood? Kick out Sachin, Sourabh and co. After that even if we loose, we can say ours is inexperienced team.


Gaurav Misra

Prem this is so painful to watch

It happened in the test series and yet again in the one dayers.

Why do Indians love individuals. Why cant we pick players on form ? As of now the Indian team will be better with a Shoaib Malik than a Sachin Tendulkar, a Youhana than a Yuvraj Singh.

I can clearly see that these players have no fear of being dropped the way they play. There is no urgency to turn ones into twos and twos into threes which the pakis showed so well.

This is most disheartening. Having stayed abroad for so long I am finally considering switching to watching football as I really have run out of excuses for this team which probably holds the records for having most records but when it comes to winning matches they never meet expectations

The Indian team lost a fan today.


Ranganathan TS


Our team's performance just reflects on our system - right from childhood, we have been ordered to conform, not to question authority. However, as we become adults, we are suddenly free to do what we want and take shortcuts to achieve success. Both of these are counter-productive to good performance. Take for example, a country like china - the order and control is maintained, which means there's a price to pay for disobedience and hard work is rewarded.

We are forever caught in this indecision and hence there's no whole-hearted effort. Kapil Dev was the only indian cricketer who was fearless and look what happened to him for one indiscretion in the Delhi test match. Sehwag has been lucky so far, thanks to his success. On the other hand, we seem to persist with certain players, even though it seems that all they are concerned about is their place in the side or their avg.

Look at Inzamam - can any one player in the indian side put up his hand like inzi does time and again and not only see his side through but inspire his team to perform better?

We also need to find and groom cricketers for the highest level of performance - much like the australian system. Our cricketers need to be toughened. We've been spoiling our batsmen far too long, and we have started hyping our bowlers too. For all this to happen, we have to start from the top - instead of the fans throwing water bottles at the players, they should reserve them for the likes of Dalmiya and his ilk, the corporates, & the politicians.

Can we indians stand up and take collective action to force a change in the system? Unfortunately, we have been trained to taked the easy approach to life...



Hi Prem,

Pakistan played wonderful cricket than India throughout this One day series.Full credit should go to Inzy and woolmer. Pakistan played as a team that is the reason they are winning this series. India Looks better team on paper than real.This series is the best example for team work. Cricket is a team game. Individual performance  can win one or two matches but not the series.

Finally Congrats to Pakistan team for playing a wonderful cricket.



The way we are batting, we need 33 players playing the fifty overs and then also not sure whether we will reach the pak score.

What a pathetic performance! Not once but four times in a row. It is high time these players hang up their boots and call quits. Not one of these present lot of batsmen (without exception) deserve a place in any of our future One day team. What a national shame? Falling like nine pins without even a semblance of resistance.

Will these players forego their graded payments for this series? Or they get away with the saying that the better team won again.

If we are not going to better ourselves why compete at this level? What a parting gift to the Coach, who did a wonderful job over the years. Maybe we are there in the same place as when he came in. This is what the players have given him as gurudakshina! from the land of Bharat.

Prem, you have done a wonderful work doing the commentary over all the matches. Keep up the good work. We kept blaming Ganguly in the past. It would not have been this bad during his days. Our batsmen have to learn more from the Pak team, leadership and management. Money does not bring talent.

It is the Indian fans who  feels disappointed and cheated by this level of performance. A whole nation on a Sunday, sitting glued to the TV watching the steady procession of these batsmen.

God bless Indian cricket and the fans

Kudos to the Pakistanis for their marvellous performance.


D Charles Praveen

Hi Prem,

I like your commentary and also your valid points.

I still believe that ganguly should continue as captain for some more time. I think this break is good for him and he will bounce back in form and also would lead team India as always god is with him.

One can see the pressure on sehwag as vice captain.


Zahid Shaikh

Hi Prem,

Thank for very nice updates & loving commentary.

I am Zahid Ali. I'm Indian & working in Yemen now

I think this Indian team is helpless infront of current Pak team, aya ram gaya ram show is going on till the final one day. All blame went to our captain Ganguly before but now I think people will blame any new bakara.

History reminding me whenever India team or Pakistani team lose any match, then surely captain has to pay his sacrifies, any way we must take it as a game sprit coz lost & win doesn't mean more we must see that we have found blaster dhoni in this series & Naved for Pak.

People will forget this lose but they will never foret that how the behaviour of the crowd & i agree with you that we always saying pak is not supportive but when india beat pak in pak both in test & one dayers they accepted so who is to be blame. Its game of only sure thinkg that you cant predict about it.

Every body is shouting with full throat that sourv should be a captain like Ricky & Inzy, but before one month Mr Ramese Raja had said & i think all may remember with heading * Sourav is much better than INZY''. its only heading & he has criticise more on inzy.

so its just game of luck & we should accept that we have lost.


Tarun Patel

Hi Prem,

India is losing badly. thanks to irresponsible innings by individual and thanks to our MEDIA for constantly criticising Ganguly for all happened.


Guru Prakash

Hi Prem,

Just a continuation of my previous mail.. some things i missed out.

Its not the defeat that irritates us. Its the way Indian team gets defeated  every time. If india puts up a good fight and is defeated, i dont think it would hurt our ego. Have a feeling, Canada would have played better cricket... oops... sorry thats too high for today's cricket standard displayed by indian team... My team would have put up a better show than this......

ya i can understand there will be some bad days for any team... but just a small difference.. pak will have 5% bad days.. australia 0.5% and india 50%........ right? I rarely see other teams losing like this. Even the matches pakistan were defeated, they had put up a good fight.


Hartley Anderson


Hartley here in Sydney.

Have just logged on.

Spoke to Raj this morning in London and he said wicket might be difficult.

Is it that, the bowling, or lack of confidence by Indian batting.

110-7 !  It's not a game, it's a shame.




Some kind of hold up here, as things start flying onto the pitch. Bad show by the Delhi crowd -- all talk of bhai-bhai goes flying out the window when the home team is in trouble, that is not a good response to the way Pak crowds greeted Indian wins in 2004.


We always try to be the saints, dont we?


Anjum Parwej

India loses the match in the mind without playing even a single ball. Their approach to the game is defensive. This is the sigle reason of India losing the match.

I have to argue with so many Pakistanis and defend India. Tell me about the similar incidents when pakis were involved in unruly behavior. I know that is not an argument but I will still have something in my hand.


Sudin K

Spine seems to have slipped out of these guys. They say teams feed on success. Here we have a team that takes 2-0 lead by winning convincingly and then abjectly losses 4 in a row. Inexplicable.

I don't think any coach should take on the job for India in future.


Milind Nene


this is for your question: Want to ask a general question for all you guys there, reply when you can. We keep talking of successful captain, successful team -- so how come with all that, India is number 8 in the ODI rankings? What is the 'success' we are talking of, then? Am asking, because I genuinely want to know what you guys see.

This is Milind Nene writing you after may be three years. Last time I had written to you from Toronto while you started this kind of interaction with rediff readers/viewers on the net. I had mentioned my objection to your statement giving extra credit to John Wright for his contribution to the team getting them to become better in field etc and making them a fighting bunch etc etc.

You had disagreed with me at that time about it and had persisted with your opinion saying that John has changed the scene. But Sorry to say Prem that time also I said it is bunch of young cricketes who made the team to do well with full time physio coming to their fitness.

Ganguly as a matter of fact remained same lousy running between wicket or as a matter of fact bad person who would never dive to stop the ball well.

Now the answer to your question is same that we have over talked about Ganguly and some of seniors who have overstayed in the team with less performance and killed enthusiasm or opportunities to people like Kaif and Yuvraj. We have to even get more bold enough to ask Sachin to get down the order and not loose wicket in the first few overs as he has stopped giving any advantage to team or himself by playing different than he started doing it since 94-95. Thanks to poor Ganguly that he could also not decide where does he fit in the team(I doubt about if he does at all)

The only possible chance for India to do well in near future is to keep the team that is comprising performing folks. In present era one should look at today's performance than to persist with people's performance in past.

To say simple that you need constant change as the cricket is demanding and can take toll of players who are tad weak or little out of form. Replace them as has been happening to bowlers these days.

Stop rating Virendra sehwag as captaincy material. Or Dhoni as one down player for ever.


Dev Suman

Indians should be banned from playing any ODI for couple of months and all the star batsmen should be balded and not be allowed to play until they prove themselves in domestic cricket. Some kind of harsh action is required otherwise they won't improve.

This is not something they could do so regularly. They have no nerves and should not be allowed to play any longer.

Millions of indians all over the world keep awake whole night in anticipation of some good show.. we cannot tolerate this anylonger. We want them see punished as Pakistanis gets if they lose.



We say we have a strong batting line then why we always that if 1 or 2 players is in form India will do better at any stage why not all the players are in form and it opposite 1 or 2 are in not form.



Hi Prem,

Abt the ICC rankings, India does not spare any efforts in justifying its ranking. Its not just that India has lost most of the ODI matches in the last year or so but the way it loses is what makes India the most suitable candidate for its ranking bettering only Bangladesh and Zimbabwe I guess.

Its so frustating, isn't it. I mean one can accept that India loses 4-2 to Pakistan but losing in this fashion without any fight seemed like a meek surrender by the India team. So much for all the the big names in the Indian lineup. Sachin completes a century in one match and fails in other 5. The least said abt Sehwag's 2nd inning's record, the better it is. Dravid, Yuvraj and Kaif are also guilty of inconsistent performances. Indian bowling has touched new lows in this seires. The series started with India having more bowling options than we ever had and in the end, one cannot decide who was the worst among them (Try figuring it out - very tough, isn't it). And what abt captaincy. What good has Dravid done in the last two mathces. Why in God's name was Nehra dropped for the 5th ODI and Balaji for this match (to be replaced by Agarkar???). How can Afridi keep scoring so consistently on the On side. Guyz, we have to realize at this moment that Ganguly was indeed a good captain. His form with the bat was unbearable,no doubt but he did make a good captain. Unfortunately the big bulls in the Indian side couldn't deliver as much as they shud have. Simple reason why India lingers in 8th position in the rankings.

One can only feel sorry for John Wright for the kind of farewell Indian team has has managed for him. His last series witht the India team and he gets to see his team go down without any resistance. When he took charge of the Indian team, he talked abt converting the team to Australian standards. However, the team seems more interested in competition against the minnows, Zim and Ban.


Shyamaprasad Reddy

Unfortunately for Dravid ..India is failing under him.

Either way it is better than playing under a Good For Nothing Captain called Ganguly.



Hello Prem,

Good to see you! Talking abt the ODI ranking, the aura of a good team/good captain/good cricketers/good everything, its all created by ppl who manage the good team/good captain/good cricketers/good everything in India. Full stop.  Saching & Agarkar have a Ravi Shastri, Yuvraj & Harbhajan have a Ganguly, and Ganguly himself has Mr Dalmiya, so why worry??!

As long as India keeps that 'exclusive' clube of cricketers (ganguly, agarkar, yuvraj, zaheer, harbhajan et al) as its only pool of choice (with a pretext of all being match winners, whatever that might mean...), Indian team will continue to go down.

Saw Wright to-day talking abt No 7 as being the most urgent topice for the Indian 1 day team and that they are looking at ppl like Mongia (why is he in the team by the way?!) to fill in...!  Whatever happened to 'performing' and 'underpriviliged' guys like JP Jadav, Bahutule et al.

Its sickening now a days to even talk abt Indian cricket, its so full of money and politics you can't expect to get unaffected...


Sanjay Pawar

Its a pathetic performance from India.
I think its high time Indian people realize Indian cricketers are over-paid, over-publicized, over-adored bunch of under performers.

It better we start encouraging guys like Narain Karthikeyan,Sania,Vishwanathan Anand ,etc..

Hey Prem keep up the good job . Better shift to F1 or football commentary. Indian cricketers dont deserve it.


Guru Prakash

Hi Prem,

First of all i must compliment you for the fine job. Let indian team win or lose, you really did a great job giving the commentary especially for the Indians who do not have the privilege of watching the match.

I know there are lot of frustrated, irritated characters out there who are not able to show their frustration or anger on anyone else.. but on you and your commentary. But you should never bother to listen to them.

I agree with most your points on the team and captaincy. Especially the
match where Sourav had the winning target and was allowing them to take easy singles.

As far as the ODI rankings are concerned, you are right. Indian team fails almost at all crucial matches. I cannot point out to any single person but the team fails completely. Anyway there might be lots of politics behind the team selection which we wont know. Its not that there is no talent in india.

There are better batsmen and bowlers than tendulkar and kapil dev in india.

Just that they are not given the opportunity.

Just a suggestion. In the commentary, instead of your name in the bold, put the Over.Ball in the bold. for eg: 20.2 one run taken.. etc..
20.1 no run

Have seen the cricinfo commentary? That format is better i guess.

Hope you will keep up the good work in future matches too. Though india
loses badly every other match, we just dont seem to stop loving cricket as a whole. We still keep cursing the players and swear we will never watch a cricket again..... but when the match day arrives... we will anxiously glue ourselves to the tv or the online commentary....... and life goes on......


Saket Bhatnagar

We are losing!!!

It must be Ganguly again, Right Prem? Please Prem, please somehow blame it on Ganguly.


Venkat Krishnan

People dont seem to realize that the entire series was intended to improve Ind-Pak relations, this poor sportsmanship shows really bad


Brinijit Velu

hi prem,

all these matches are fixed., it is a wasteof human passion, to spend any time on this game. Just imagine how many students would have skippped college or studies for a game which unfortunately is mostly fixed. Why don't the BCCI just accecpt it and then see if it have any support. It has emotionally hypnotised most Indians. Soccer games are may be fair.


Bharat Desai

Prem, Its almost 6:00 a.m. here in Canada and I am thoroughly enjoying your commentary.  You are to be complemented.  You ask what I see here.

Well, I see a bunch of overpaid prima donnas who have no national pride and do not seem to take the game seriously.  Let's see, if they are number 8, then they must be just above Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Kenya, right?  We have a billion people and all we can produce are these losers? Its a shame.


Shyamprasad Reddy

Right.It is just a Media hype that's all.

The true worth of the Indian team is. 'What we are seeing today'

By the similar logic....Everyone in India say that Tendulkar is the best batsman in the World

All humbug...Can you tell me one Match where India were in the dumps back to the wall which Tendulkar has won for India. I cant think of  even one.

While all great players Lara , Steve Waugh , Ranatunga , Ponting , Inzamam have many to their credit.

However, I love your commentaries.


Srinibas Patnaik

What a DESERVING defeat we are heading to...Great...only A miracle can save us...Poor Crowd I feel pity why cant you learn...this Misery We only Made...and.. why pelt at the Pakis on many wicket that will save...Yes you  ask success/captain..I think its  but a phase and mindeset..we lost that the day we lost the last TEST arrogannce of captains(Sourav)  don't  win is the Team ..Bad luck


Ashwin Suresh


A pleasure reading your commentary mate! While the drama unfolds in Ferozshah Kotla, perhaps, you'd be able to discuss Saurav's future?

Personally, I've been a fan for a number of years (despite poor form!), however, now, I believe that a break is probably going to be beneficial. What says?


Sudin K

Dear Prem,

The success story is an Indian myth. We are very good myth and legend makers. Now you see one innings from Dhoni is talked about for so long and he has been made an hero so early, that people forget overtime that it was only one innings.

We still talk about reaching WC final. It was 2 years ago. We still talk about 2001 series against Australia. Whenever VVS comes out to bat we talk about 281.The successes are so rare that we have to keep talking about the few over and over. Overtime an artificial aura of success is built around the team. The team and everyone else starts believing it. But instead taking inspiration from it, we start thinking oh we have been tired of being successful, y not give other guys a chance?  Other teams don't do it bcoz for them their last success is past but for us we can always go back to reminiscensing and feeling good. And when people like me point out, then I am told don't be harsh on them. Look thay have won those wonderful victories in the past. Now you cant expect them to do it everyday. I guess no body has heard of an Australian team.


Krish Nukam Reddy

Hi Prem,

We expected this form from Indian cricketers. Especially when the situation demands our top order collapse.

Sachin is a great Batsman. But when the situation demands from him, He never delivers.

Out of all his heroics, he delivers when Team bats first most of the time, in which case no pressure. He should think about himself that as a senior player and responsible player that he should deliver when situation demanded. Atleast once in 5 to 7 occassions.

I think Every indian expected that Our great indian Cricketers will bring WIN here. In every website polls, The results shows that India will clinch the series 4-2 Before 5th Oneday. Then Today morning it shows 3-3. Now, it is going to be 2-4 (expected).

Our cricketers should feel shame. They should learn from Aussies, how they practice during break times as a team. But Our Cricketers will be full busy in making ad films during break.

Anyway now adays every one loosing the interest in cricket becoz of our great players.

We are ashamed to be really and consistently successful.


Meera Paul

Regarding your query: successful captain, successful team.

There is obviously some lack of objectivity on the part of the selectors.

Ganguly's contacts are no secret.



Hello Mr. Prem Panicker,

The successfull captain and successful team means, We are very very successful against minnows, the teams like, bangladesh, hongkong, holand, keniya, etc. So in the ranking we are above all such teams...8th!!

Also, Our Team Wins once in a blue moon against the big teams like aussies, New Zealand, South Africa!! And The Indian team before, was worse than this!!


Kazim Hasan Khan

Hi Prem

I will still say that Ganguly is One the best captain India ever had... Thats because he belives in Youngster and given them the oppurtunity to prove them. No other Indian captain ever dared to bring in the that time the entry age of player to get in the team was 25-26.
As far as the Sucess is concerned its relatively good as compared to what our earlier captains offered us, and also the team is doing relatively well from the past ...


Sadasiva Rabindranath

Hi Prem,

Abt ur question, our indian team's sucess rate is very poor.. for every single match we win, we lose 5 to 6 matches... i dont know wat's gng on behind the screens.. this odi series seems to hav been fixed long back... wen a team can win 2 odi's scoring comfortably, how in the world can they lose nxt 4 matches playing very badly... not even single person seems to be interested n the match... one can blame the itinerary.. matches within 2 days time n travelling across the whole nation.. still there doesnt seem to be fire in the belly for our men.. the days of match fixing has seem to cme again... i dont know who s gng to chg all this... we all dream our team to be like australians.. n we think now tht it's a bad dream...


Binay Shukla

Hi Prem,

Well, India plays too many one day matches as compared to other teams and therefore the desire to win that should be equivalent to the desire to live of a condmened man does not exist. Look at the way India has disintegrated from the way they played the first two matches to what they are now. Compare that with Pakistan and it is the exact opposite. We need to play less one day and win more. I think Indian cricket success is defined the astronomical sums of money that is pouring in and teh TV rights. Unfortunately, teh increase in TV rights payout does not automatically translates into wins.



Dear Prem Panicker,

Can you or will you please tell these TWO INDIAN BATSMAN to stay on pitch for longer period of time, runs will come.

We need to win this match.

Ask tendulkar to take rest and let some young fresh talent should be tried.

Ganguly & Tendulkar should be forced to play more & more of domestic cricket INSTEAD OF DOING AD IN TV,FOR PRODUCTS.



Mr.Prem Panicker,

Type the score with bold and the run scored. Getting confused with the scores and balls.


Mohammed Kanchwala

Hi  Prem,

Well its Truth that now we are going to loose the series. Jus look how our Batsmen played as if they dont knw 2 play? I think Dravid cant be a Captain. I suppose now Mohammed Kaif should be given up the Captaincy. Man he's jus so good. We've won a World Cup under him.Have'nt we?? Even BCCI shld Sack players for non performance. No matter who they are.Its high time that BCCI does something also wit players doing Endorsements. What the hell is this?? They get More money in Addz and hence they dont perform. Plz I Hope my Voice reaches the BCCI... Anywayz Its Heartly Congratualationz 2 Pakistan... Very well played U R THEY BEST AGAINST INDIA ...


Manju Mathew

Has India ever played a match as PATHETIC as this one before??? Beats me!!!

I'm ashamed!!


Meera Paul

That's it methinks!:((

India has lost a series it could have won.

With Dravid and Dhoni gone......Sachin could have done better.....


Sareesh Menon

Hi Prem ,
What are the chances of it raining there at Kotla ....seems the only way out.

Neverthless Kaif and Dhoni on the crease ... can the guys pull a Natwest.


Tarun Kotal

Why do we keep the player like Yuvraj in the team? I cannot recall that he has won any match for us except the NatWest final. India should seriously think when selecting a team. If a player lacks mental strength in a crucial match/moment, he should be not selected.


To all the people that feel prem is Biased a little or too much (whatever). It is quite True or seems like it. Thats very wrong of Prem to have a bias with india (against Pakistan) on which by the way is an INDIAN based website, by which i mean it is targeted to indian audience.

He must take into accont the 0.00000001% of other users and praise pakistan on wonderful shots than critizes the "World-Class" indian bowlers. And who the hell is Kumaran who is the real Dravidian and has mustache and who bowls at 200 meter per second which according to me is around 720 km/hr. I think our dear friend Mr.Pandian doent not know his units.

Also Mr.Stephen Bentley, How are you sir? Rediff's target market is India adn Indian that are abroad, not the world and his commentary connects with us and have you ever listened to regional commentary of some other sport like the local coverage of Detroit Pistons (NBA team)on a local channel (not televised nationally) if you do u would realize all they talk abt is there game and there players, caz thats there market the Detroit Fans not people who are not there fans. And to all of you stp critisizing him for his critical behaviour sides.

I know we all have a world class cricket guru in all of us, and how often we critisize in the same manner (often worse) when we talk abt it. Its a different style of commentary that he does and we should appreciate that. I got to on liners for all of you, Dont Hate.......appreciate and Beggars are not chosers (you wnat non-biased or different commentary and error free typing why dont u take a walk). And prem keep writing and rediff keep posting our mails , it makes things interesting and keeps us connected. Go INDIA (we were always a Mediocre Sports nation) I know we were unbeatable in Hockey once but remember it is not a popular sport anywhere else or was.


Lokesh S

So all the seniors at in the hut now. You must be an optimistic to still think that India can save this series.


Tarun Kotal

I am great fan of Tendulker but still I would say that we should drop him in any crucial match because he does not have enough mental toughness to handle the pressure at the big stage. Even a rookie would be better than him in the big stage (like any series deciding match, finals etc.). I think, India should think over it seriously.

What do you think?




hey prem,

why are they playin with yuvi's batting position. dont they know hes not the guy who can milk the balling in the middle orders.He should be preserved for the much needed impetus he can provide in the last overs. I think they should promote dinesh mongia and kaif in front. what you think?


Kiran Mehendale

This is Kiran Mehendale, I am following your live commentary here in USA (Houston,TX). Right now I am working here (night shift) and at the same time following the match with you. You are doing a great job, continue the good work. Thanks a lot.


Dey Sabyasachi

Selectors did a wonderful job keeping Ganguly outside the squad. These morons who don't know anything about cricket dare to speak against the most successful captain. Who are they ? It is all about winning. I don't care scoring runs or getting 1 million centuries if team India does not win. Only Ganguly had the courage and spirit and ofcourse brilliance to show how a coward team can be transformed into a winning team. Now where from these tapori selectors come into picture ? Where from this idiot Chris Broad comes and asks Ganguly to beg in front of him just because his team took 15 minutes more to bowl 50 overs! Sponsors don't pay money to see idiotic calls of Chris Broad neither the spectators have any problem with that. Then who is the fellow who dares to suspend a captain for 6 matches. BCCI must take strong steps against such anti Indian calls. They should grill ICC.



Dear Premji, What is happening there? Whenever India chasing a total of 275 plus runs why they are dismissing in a cheap score? I was sure that India is going to loose this match. They simply playing for there own records, not for the team. At least they should have score some runs and reduce the margin of defeat. Manoj from Qatar.


Abdul Naeem

Hi, Prem

I am a great fan of yours.

This few words to my wife who wont answer my calls caz India is loosing.

Darling no need to worry we are used to this by now. If Agarkar Play what would u accept. I told you last night we have to open with Veeru and Yuv not sachin. But you wouldn't agree. So stop crying and pick up the phone. You need to come home from work early today and make some good chicken for dinner, luv u kisses

and thank to Premji for posting this.

Bye prem, keep up the good work and for all the guys who talk abt noun and verb and spelling mistake well sucks to them, you keep up the good work.


Naeem from Bharain



Is the pitch getting difficult in the second innings? Making it a crutial toss for Pak to win?


Why dont you guys tell our Indian players to just admit the defeat and save the embrassement. Looks Indian can only beat Pakistan in the war.. that too probaby more with more army men. Some of the things you guys write in the commnentary are good and similar thinking from most of us. Then when you have access to these buch of jokers, why dont you advice and see that they do not make similar mistakes.




You (and some other experts), keep saying John Wright has done such a great job with this team. Due to his efforts and contributions, we have a good unit now, strategies are in place, fielding and fitness level has improved.

You see the performance of this team in this home series and you wonder if any of these things is true and you really question Wright's contribution or for that matter, if any coach can do anything with this team.

With such a strong batting line-up, this batting order put up a shameful batting display, on the last day of the third test match. Batsmen after batsmen, kept following the same strategy of just managing to survive and not play any strokes, forget runs. And you wonder, what was Wright doing, when the writing was on the wall, that with this kind of play, India cannot survive the whole day.

With regards to one day play, India is yet to find genuine all-rounder. Pakistan is a much better one day team than India, as they bat deep down and have Afridi, Malik and Razzaq are genuine all rounders. Whenever  India plays 3 seamers and 1 specialist spinner, India is looking at 4 people who cant bat, and cannot even be relied upon to hit some decent blows in the end. Even with regards to the wicket keeper, I think we have just discovered Dhoni, in this series, otherwise we persisted with a very poor keeper in Patel in tests and reluctant Dravid in Oneday games for much of Wright's tenure.

We keep bringing Agarkar back, for God knows what reasons. He has proved time and again, that he can take some wickets but he has no control and he will spray the ball all over the place and get hit for runs. And unless you try new people, how will you build their confidence at this level. Where is Wright's strategy working in this case?

Do you think there is dearth of talent in India? Why dont we have separate one-day and test-teams, like Australia. There is healthy competition for a seamer position in the team and you are seeing the results. Pathan/Zaheer/Balaji/Nehra know that they have to perform else, they will sit out in the next game.

Where is that kind of competition/bench strength in the batting department. Forget Ganguli (he is totally useless, has always been) why should Sachin, or for that matter anyone else be assured of a place in the side? One good innings in 6 matches, does not cut it for team India. None should take their place for granted. The problem is that we dont have a second rug of players to replace these "big" shots, because we have never experimented at the top level. We have always tried to play safe even against weaker team, at home grounds, under home conditions.

Dont you think, Wright has failed in all these departments. India one-day record in the last 3-4 years has been very poor. Other than away tour of Australia and Pakistan, India has very little to show, in test cricket too.

Why are we lauding Wright's effort today? Because I still feel, this team has more talent (or there is more talent out there) than management (captain, coach and selectors) have failed to untap. And Indian cricket in on a decline.

Thanks again for your commentary during this series. Although, I would still prefer your articles, if you can just do one thing.


Joaquim Fernandes

even if india is 38/2 they will win coz sachin is out. india loses if sachin scores. PERIOD!!!!



hi prem
dont you smell something wrong ??
openers who played well when ganguly was the captain and now not able to play well under dravid !!
is it natural or....
your comments please..


Hai Prem..
Ur commentary is like watching the play in Tv.
What do you feel about this irresponsible play of Sachin and Sewhag..I smell it like a crookky play by them to delete dravid from his captaincy...
Please give me your reply..
Thank you..
with regards..


Anthony Arup

It's just pathetic and depressing seeing our players play like this. I'm going to stop taking this so personally, but still, it's depressing. Good job on the commentary by the way,


James Smith

ha now mr prem wants to tell players how to play . well may i know what u know about the game . sitting and writing is easy , please keep in mind they have to perform out there .and who knows better then them .. you can just write about it thats all you can do


Jony D'Costa

Looks like Sachin should really be rested from the Indian Team. He is the
guy who performs when India looses and when India wants him, most of the
time is a failure.


Venkat Narayanan


Don't worry abt the spelling. What you are doing is what makes
staying up at ungodly hours here in the US East coast worthwhile during
these matches !

Great work and keep it up pal.



I really wonder how can ever india with a team like this win matches... !!!
last 3 matches and this one, they r just starting opposite of the other team. bat first or second, they just cant play with pressure.
i am closing my system down now.


Shahnawaz Baig

Prem panic mat kar, I think we will pull it off



Hi Prem,

As Expected this series looks to be fixed, with Pak Coming from Back 2-0 to lead 2-3 and looks set to Clinch the series.

These people are just playing with the emotions of the people. Don't you think so ?


Bodhisattwa Dasgupta
so that sachin for you...never playing under pressure situations...and we always concentrate on ganguly bashing...please, give us a break, bring back ganguly...
Thanks and Regards


Venkat Narayanan

Now was'nt that predictable. Another crucial match and another
Tendulkar failure.






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North No 3 Road
Jingtang Sea Port Development Zone
Hebei Province
Postal Code 063611
Peoples Republic of China


Margret Beck

Dear PP, am watching the match from Sydney, Australia thro yr eyes...nvr mind d Iftikhar Raos...yr strokes  abs gt...ur doin a gd job...keep it up...u shld use more efficacious abbreviations & u bet, we can all follow it...more strength 2 yr elbow...oops 2 yr nimble fingers...ta much, PP xx


Harikrishna Prasad Kuppili

hi panikar,
This is Hari from mumai...i am very disspointed to miss this sixth onday
Anyway i am getting information through rediff.
I have one doubght?
can u tell me banning  sourav for 6 ODI is fine?



A lot have been said about agarkar by your readers. We all know taht like the rest of indian bowlers he is not the greatest, but people comment on bringing a younger player for the future of indian cricket. If you think abt it, its kindda discriminating. We must grade performance, If Agarkar had a good domestic season he has all the right to play. Its PRO cricket (BCCI is a private organization) and its his proffession( livelyhood) his age should not matter. Also we should not push young kids into international arena who do not have talent(caz obvously thats why they didnt get selected) just because they are young. the 'A' teams are for gromming talents not the national teams (too much pressure). I am really sad for Michael Bevan, Lehman and Bichel to be kicked from there side just because they are old.  


Tarak Chatterjee


How much was the delay in completing all the overs ?

I don't c much discussion on that today - as there is no Ganguly to blame !
Carry on the anti Gabgulay campaign !



K C Residency

Hi prem,
N ice that u r there.... our day depends on how Sehwag and Dravid Bat today.... 303 is a big asking at Kotla and I think the pitch is also going to take turn apart from paki bowlers getting seam as there is a breeze.


Dear Sir ,
I  am great fan of u . Sir but i want to know that when we want to play at that time Indian Team not play good wat is the reason . If aschin playing good then everybody in the team play good if Sachin out on zero all Indian team out on the same score i mean to say they played not good as much as they want . My query is simple that wat are the main reason why Indian team not playing good and not working hard they . They are the ideals of 1000 of person like me but they are not working hard always doing advertisement . If they want to do only advertisement so no need to paly and hurt millions people feelings . Please solve my this query and tell me what are the genuine reason why they are not playing good.
Thanking you And i am Extremly sorry if i use miss words.

Harinder Arora

U r awesome. hats of to you. U said
earlier that india should be cautious in the first 7,8
or upto 10 overs . but why can't shewag do the same
like afridi did in kanpur. suppose 100 in 10 overs
then it will be easy for the other bats.




Looking at the stats what you think all that criticism about Agarkar in the
morning. He was eqally bad as India's best fast bowlers. He is almost as bad
as other fast bowlers India has.


Subramaniam Ranganathan

I think from your explanation, batsmen like Shewag and Yuvraj cud struggle.  Do you thing Dinesh Mongia or Kaif @ #3 wud be a good choice ?  India will need some planning chasing on this wicket, going by your description.  Cud be a good wicket for Tendulkar to bat, especially on the leg side.  But does the ball atlest come up to knee length ?


Dev Suman

It seems India did well atleast by bowling lesses
number of extras. Dravid should have tried Yuvraj and
Shewag too.
Chase will be difficult as Indians have got symptons
of getting nervous breakdown while chasing big totals.

They need to play casually and must win this to save
their face.



Hi Prem,
Couple of points:
(1) Not to take anything away from Afridi (happy for him that he is getting runs for his team!) but fact remains he is no Viv Richards! Sensible bowling from bowlers who can keep their cool can get him out. Point being that his recent success against India has had to do, at least in equal measure, to poor line and length from our bowlers as to his brand of Srikanthish batting.
(2) Quite a few lapses in fielding today from India. Can't afford to miss these many run outs.
In your commentary was evident, your eagerness to be positive about Agarkar even if he gave you the slightest reason to be! :) Unfortunately, usually the  likes of him (and Ganguly, for that matter!) are hell bent on making your task an arduous one! LOL...sympathize with you!!!

Once again thank YOU for your superb commentary.
1) What is heart warming is to witness SECULAR INDIA/Bharat, fight towards a common national goal. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh....all together!
2)Agarkar did take 3 wickets. THAT is the bottomline and justifies his presence.
3) To all those Ganguly apologists: This is a NATIONAL cricket team. NOT an ashram for Dalmia favorites!
Last but not the least -
Vande Mataram!
Best wishes:)


Vikas Thakur

Your commentary is much appreciated. Keep it up.

Regarding todays Match; I feel, I did wrong to wake at early in the morning 05:30 hours (Norway time zone). Until now all bowlers have disappointed not only me but to each and every one.

Most of the run came in leg side! Don't you think, Team India is lacking basics of cricket.

Wonder why team management still rely on Ajit Agarkar!!.. and keeping throwing Kumble in and out?

Anyway, good luck India and Good luck Prem;




Hoshala CorneliusI have lost intrest in the game thanks to these two patriotic umpires. Well, first of all let me tell  you that I am an Indian and hence I am not pissed off with with the decisions but upset about it since, no matter what, THEY CHEATED. This guy Jayaprakash has spoiled many a matches for me including the one where he took four wickets out of Kumble's 10 for..
Why cant we have neutrel umpires at both ends. Did I say neutrel umpires.. let me correct.. Why cant we have nuetral -Steve Bucknor for the matches where India plays.. Thanks


Subramaniam Ranganathan

Not sure who to dedicate the first session to.  I think I will give it to the umpires Mr. JP and Mr. HH.  BTW, they always say everything is fair in love and war.  I think India did a great job to restrict Pakistan for 303, after the initial onslaught by Afridi.  The singles cud have been curtailed, but nevertheless great come back.

Now it is up to the openers to give us a good start for the chase.  Am not sure whether the wicket will hold on after reading Prem's comments on the flying mud from the danger zone around the wicket.  We have to play Naved U-Hassan and company carefully.  BTW prem how is the bounce, keeping up ?  Is it good or a low pitch to bat on ?  Not sure as am working, and unable to watch the game live!!

So comeon Team India, lets chase the Pakis out :-)



Great way to try to win the game, ask the umpires to do it for you. Two bad horrible pathetic biased decisions. Thats what you call a game.



this is suresh from muscat. as for as this score is concerned it is easy to score in this pitch whereas as you said they have to keep the wicket in hand till first 15 overs. whereas if you look in to indian cricket history very few time we have chased and won the match and that to more than 300 runs it is a big question mark. let  us wait and watch.viru have to save india.
with regards


G B Kulkarni

Dear Sir,

Pakistan has give india a tough fight. Now Indian openers have to threaten
Pak in the first 10 -15 overs without loosing the wkt with a score @ rate
8/over. Hope Indians have that potential.

Re mail your views


Dinu Nanjappa

Prem, I think you have created sensation in Indian cricket fans' hearts by your amazing commentaries online. I watch your commentaries on net rather than seeing the scorecard, when I'm in the office.
Keep it up buddy.


Kartik Jain

Hi Prem,

Don't you think you are picking up the habit of making 'someone else's' decisions; very badly of late?

What the captain or the umpire does always sounds wrong to you.

Have a break!

A lunch break, hehe!


Vikram Desai

What ever it may be u are a big bullshit,who r u ? and where r u from?
Ekdum  gavathi admi ko betha diya hai rediff walo ne.Go home and do
something constructive u nut. Rediff will loose clientle due to big
blunder call prem panicker(A joker on line) :-X



Arun Davidson

Can you please provide a pitch report ?
In the second innings , How is the Pitch going to behave ? Is it Slow and Low or is it going to be good for batting ?
Unit Head, IT Tech. Support.

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