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Odumbe to answer formal charge

May 19, 2004 21:47 IST

Following a preliminary hearing in Nairobi on Wednesday, Kenyan cricketer Maurice Odumbe was formally charged under the ICC's Code of Conduct for allegedly receiving money, benefit or other reward which could bring him or the game of cricket into disrepute.

In particular, it is alleged Odumbe had inappropriate contact with a known bookmaker and received money, benefit or reward from that bookmaker.

After considering evidence put forward in Wednesday's hearing, presiding adjudicator Justice Ahmed Ebrahim ruled that the matter should progress to a formal hearing.

Odumbe, 34, is now scheduled to attend a full hearing in Nairobi commencing on July 27.

Justice Ebrahim said after the hearing that he recognized the seriousness of the allegations and had therefore considered the matter very carefully before making his ruling.

"In light of the documentary evidence supplied and the arguments raised at the preliminary hearing, I reached my determination that it is right and proper that this matter is progressed and set down for a full hearing in July," said Justice Ebrahim.

"The charge put is that Odumbe allegedly received money, benefit or other reward which could bring him or the game of cricket into disrepute."

In reaching his determination, Justice Ebrahim considered the documentary evidence presented by the ICC's Anti-Corruption and Security Unit, as well as preliminary points put forward by Odumbe's lawyer, Ishan Kapila.

The adjudicator was assisted by local lawyer Kamau Karori, who acted on behalf of the Kenyan Cricket Association and the ICC.

The formal hearing commencing in Nairobi on July 27 is expected to last five days in which each party will have the opportunity to put forward their side and call witnesses.

Further details and arrangements for the hearing will be issued in due course.

The charge is a breach of the ICC's Code of Conduct for Players and Team Officials and follows an investigation by the ICC's Anti Corruption and Security Unit.

Under the ICC's Code of Conduct for Players and Team Officials, players can face penalties ranging from a suspension for a minimum of two years up to a life ban from the game depending on the nature of the charge.