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How players are lured into spot-fixing

May 17, 2013 19:20 IST
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Vicky Nanjappa explains how the player-bookie nexus works

A report by the Financial Intelligence Wing, and interrogation of several arrested bookies, has revealed the manner in which players are lured into spot-fixing and how money is parked in financial institutions.

The report states that a set of bookies are chosen for the operation. These persons belong to a cartel controlled by the underworld. When this cartel targetted the IPL, it threw in Rs 3000 crore into the market and recovered Rs 6000 crore.

The amount slowly increased as the popularity of the event grew, and for IPL 6 around Rs 48,000 crore is at stake.

Spectators at an IPL match- The money generated by the cartel is earned through a flourishing drug and arms trade, run mainly by the D-gang. Almost 30 per cent of this money is thrown into the market worldwide, depending on the magnitude of the event.

- Bookies bet on almost every cricket match, but prefer the shorter version of the game as money rolls faster there. They have even thrown money into the Bangladesh Cricket League.

- Pakistan continues to be the hub for the generation of such money. However, now money flows in from Dubai and Bangladesh too. 

- Money often reaches through a hawala vendor, normally based in Delhi or Hyderabad. The touts collect this money and park it in banks through a concept called money laundering.

- For the IPL, which run into two months, the bookies chose to park it in banks and withdraw as per need. They do not prefer a hawala transfer for such an event since it involves multiple transactions and the chances of getting caught are higher.

- The money that is earned goes back to the source. First, the money invested is given back to the source. The profits, after the deduction of expenditure, is shared, a major amount of which is given to the head of the cartel, who is an underworld boss.

- Be lavish: Bookies are instructed not to bargain or compromise too much at the time of fixing a player. They select a vulnerable link in the team and then go about their work. This person is told to look for persons who are ready to fix a game. In case the stakes are high, the bookies deal with the player directly.

- The most popular tactic used to lure a player is a woman. There have been reports of players asking the hotel staff for women during a tour. These touts in hotels, at times, inform the bookie, who gets in touch with the player and assures him of a woman. When he meets the bookie he gets down to discussion.

- Bookies have often used Bollywood starlets to lure players, who readily agree to meet when this tactic is used. However, investigators have found out that players who refused such offers did not report the matter to the police.

- Bookies normally have underworld links and players often are scared to complain. They just disagree and return. However, bookies have had an 80 per cent success rate. Investigations have shown that they pick and chose players carefully and only go ahead when they are sure. This is why they place moles in teams to find players vulnerable to fixing.

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