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Disgraced Pakistani umpire Rauf rules out travelling to Mumbai

September 28, 2013 14:26 IST
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Tainted Pakistan umpire, Asad Rauf has ruled out travelling to Mumbai for any investigation into the IPL spot-fixing scandal in which he was chargesheeted by the Mumbai police.

The Pakistani umpire has suffered a fall from grace since being named in the IPL spot fixing scandal. He was first dropped from the Champions Trophy umpires panel and then was not retained on the ICC Elite panel of umpires.

"We have full faith in the Indian courts but not in the Mumbai police. The present circumstances don't allow me to travel to India," Rauf said.

Disgraced Pakistani umpire Rauf rules out travelling to Mumbai     "But I have consulted my lawyers and I am willing to fully cooperate with any inquiry by the ICC anti-corruption and security unit," he said.

Rauf admitted for the first time that he had been sidelined from the Champions Trophy because of the IPL scandal.

"It is because of the unfounded charges made by Mumbai police that I was dropped from the Champions Trophy panel. They have tried to vilify me in an organized manner," Rauf said.

Rauf also addressed a press conference in his hometown Lahore on Frirday with his lawyer to defend himself.

The Pakistani umpire said the Mumbai police and media had claimed he had left behind a bag containing valuable watches and other gifts when he left India earlier this year during the IPL.

"I challenge the Mumbai police to produce these bags in any court and open them there and see what was in them. I just had carpets and shawls in them," he said.

Rauf also defended himself that accepting gifts from close friends was not a crime.

The umpire also expressed little confidence in the Pakistan Cricket Board.

"If someone wants to support me and help me in this case I will be very happy because I need backing but so far the PCB has stayed clear of me nor spoken to me about this case," Rauf added.

Rauf said he had visited India many times in an official capacity and had got lot of love and friendship and made close friends.

"Unfortunately the Mumbai police for some reason have dragged my name into this case but sooner or later I will get my name cleared up," he stated.

Image: Umpire Asad Rauf

Photograph: Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

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