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Top 10 logo designers of the world

Last updated on: December 7, 2011 08:27 IST

Image: Corporate logos.

Logos comprise an intricate part of any business.

Hence, designing a logo happens to be a difficult job.

However, there are people who made this hard task look rather easy and made a great impact in the field of designing.

We present here 10 most famous and successful logo designers whose creations redefined the world of art. Read on. . .



Top 10 logo designers of the world

Image: Ruth Kedar.

1. Ruth Kedar

Kedar, a consultant art designer at Stanford University for 15 years, is best known for designing the Google logo.

She was born in Brazil but later moved to Israel where she got her degree of architecture.

She did her Masters Program in design from Stanford University.

She has been awarded several design awards.

. . .

Top 10 logo designers of the world

Image: Herbert l Lubalin (Inset).

2. Herbert l Lubalin

Herbert l Lubalin was a prominent American graphic designer.

He collaborated with Ralph Ginzburg on three of Ginzburg's magazines: Eros, Fact, and Avant Garde.

He also designed a typeface, ITC Avant Garde.

Lubalin died in May 24, 1981.

. . .

Top 10 logo designers of the world

Image: Paul Rand (Inset).

3. Paul Rand

Known for his design of the IBM and ABC logos, Rand was an American graphic designer and mainly worked on corporate logos.

He was one of the founders of the Swiss style of graphic design.

He taught design at the Yale University and was later inducted in New York art director's club hall of fame in 1972.

Rand died in November 26, 1996.

. . .

Top 10 logo designers of the world

Image: Walter Landor (Inset).

4. Walter Landor

Known mostly for designing the Fedex logo, Landor was born in Munich.

He worked with brands like Del Monte, Malboro, Fujifilm, Tab & Bank of America.

He also designed corporate identities of many airlines like British airlines, Japan airlines, Singapore airlines etc.

Landor died in June 9, 1995.

. . .

Top 10 logo designers of the world

Image: Wally Olins (Inset).

5. Wally Olins

Olins is chairman of Saffron Brand Consultants of London, Madrid, Mumbai and New York.

He was sent to India and his first big job was heading Ogilvy and Mather in Mumbai where he lived for five years.

He came back to London and co-founded Wolff Olins.

There he was chairman until 1997.

He founded Saffron Brand Consultants in 2001 with an ex-colleague from Wolff Olins, Jacob Benbunan.

He has worked for a number of cities and countries on national brand image including London, Mauritius, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Vietnam.

. . .

Top 10 logo designers of the world

Image: Milton Glaser.

Milton Glaser

Best known for the 'I love new york' logo, he started his own studio, Milton Glaser, Inc, in 1974.

His work has won numerous awards from Art Directors' clubs, Type directors' club, and the American Institute of graphic arts.

In 1979, he was made honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of arts.

. . .

Top 10 logo designers of the world

Image: Bob Gill.

7. Bob Gill

Gill has designed for Apple Corps records, Rainbow Theater, Universal pictures, queen and High times magazines and the United Nations.

He's won a number of awards, and has designed numerous film titles.

. . .

Top 10 logo designers of the world

Image: Alan Fletcher.

8. Alan Fletcher

Fletcher was a British graphic designer.

He founded the design firm Fletcher/Forbes/Gill with Colin Forbes and Bob Gill in 1962. An early product was their 1963 book Graphic Design: A Visual Comparison.

Fletcher died in September 2006.

In his obituary, he was described by The Daily Telegraph as 'the most highly regarded graphic designer of his generation, and probably one of the most prolific'.

. . .

Top 10 logo designers of the world

Image: Chermayeff and Geismar (inset),

9. Chermayeff and Geismar

It is a graphic design firm founded by Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar.

The studio has designed logos for companies such as Mobil oil, PBS, Chase Bank, Xerox, National Geographic and many more.

The duo has designed print and motion graphics for Armani Exchange, Hearst corporations, and many more.

. . .

Top 10 logo designers of the world

Image: Saul Bass.

10. Saul Bass

Most famous logos designed by him are those of Avery Internation logo, Continental Airlines logo and the United Airlines.

During his 40-year career, Bass worked for some of Hollywood's greatest filmmakers, including Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger, Billy Wilder, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese.

Among his most famous title sequences are the animated paper cut-out of a heroin addict's arm for Preminger's The Man with the Golden Arm, the text racing up and down that eventually becomes a high-angle shot of the United Nations building in Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, and the disjointed text that races together and apart in Psycho.