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World's 10 busiest airports

April 23, 2015 16:56 IST
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Four airports from United States figure in the list of world’s busiest airports.

Photograph, courtesy: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The passenger traffic in the world’s top 4 busiest airports have not changed much in 2014 as compared to 2013.

Take a look at the world’s busiest airports according to according to Airports Council International's passenger traffic data…

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Rank: 1
Passenger traffic: 96 million
Change: 1.9%

This airport reigns supreme as the world's busiest airport by passenger traffic since 1998. It also boasts of the highest number of landings and take-offs from 2005 till 2013.

Photograph, courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Beijing Capital International Airport 
Rank: 2
Passenger traffic: 86 million
Change: 2.9%

This has become the busiest airport in Asia in terms of passenger traffic and total traffic movements from 2009. It also has the second largest airport terminal in the world.

London Heathrow Airport
Passenger traffic:
73 million

London Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic. 

Terminal 5 won Skytrax World's Best Airport Terminal in 2014.

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport )
Rank: 4
Passenger traffic: 73 million passengers
Change: 5.7%

It is the second busiest airport in Asia and the fourth busiest in the world.

Photograph, courtesy: Carlsmith/Wikimedia Commons /Wikimedia Commons

Los Angeles International Airport
Rank: 5
Passenger traffic: 70.66 million
Change: 6%

It is the third busiest airport in the world by aircraft movements. 

Dubai International Airport
Rank: 6
Passenger traffic: 70.47 million
Change: 6.1%

With three terminals, Dubai International Airport has a total capacity of 75 million passengers annually.

Terminal 3 also has the distinction of being the second largest building in the world by floor space and the largest airport terminal in the world.

Photograph, courtesy: Magnus Manske/Wikimedia Commons /Wikimedia Commons

Chicago International Airport
Rank: 7
Passenger traffic: 69.99 million
Change: 4.6%

Chicago International Airport is now the busiest airport in the world by number of takeoffs and landings.

Photograph, courtesy: Cruks/Wikimedia Commons

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Rank: 8
Passenger traffic: 63.81 million
Change: 2.8%

France's largest international airport is also Europe's second-busiest airport. 

Photograph, courtesy: Magnus Manske/Wikimedia Commons

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Rank: 9
Passenger traffic: 63.55 million
Change: 5.1%

It is the third busiest airport in the world by aircraft movements.

Photograph, courtesy: Mk2010/Wikimedia Commons

Hong Kong International Airport
Rank: 10
Passenger traffic: 63.12 million
Change: 5.9%

Ranked among world’s best airports, Hong Kong International Airport has one of world's largest passenger terminal buildings.

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