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Youth arrests: Muslim group submits memorandum to PM

September 01, 2012 22:40 IST
A Muslim group has submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister's Office demanding the intervention of the Union government in the wake of the arrests of various youth in connection with the assassination plot which was busted by the police of Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

The Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee in its memorandum condemned the arrest of Muslim youths from different parts of India and expressed that the police action is based upon malicious intention and dishonesty.

"These arrests are the result of nexus between anti-Muslim police groups of Hyderabad and Bangalore working with the support of Hindutva outfits. This committee believes that the main intention of these arrests is to divert the attention of people from the court verdict against the criminals of Gujarat genocide and ongoing genocide of Muslim in Assam," it said.

"As per reliable sources the police arrested these youths in illegal manner, detained and tortured them, and then, as per the practice, after completing these formalities declared them arrested," it claimed.

Those who are arrested belong to journalism, medicine and science and technology fields as well as students. By this way Muslims will be looked with suspicion in journalism, and in scientific institutions, and their future will be in the dark in these fields and they will be denied job opportunity in future, it added.
"The police statements on these arrests are nothing but a bundle of lies. The Bangalore police chief said that police arrested these youths when they were asleep and a pistol was in their hand. Now the big question is that whether they were sleeping with a pistol in their hands and how can they carryout their "operation" with a pistol?," the statement asked.

Police also said that computers, laptops, cell phones, hard disks have been recovered from them. It is a matter of common sense that these are the essential materials in day to day life, these are not dangerous weapons, it said.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee demands that the Prime Minster of India intervene and order high-level enquiry on these arrests and stop the arresting of innocent Muslim youths, it appealed.

The organisation also appealed to the people of India, mass organisations, social activists and political leaders to come forward to condemn this inhuman act.

The CLMC said that it has full confidence that in near future all these youths will be acquitted with honour by the court of law. And state governments of India will once again be in the dock and will tender apology and compensation, the general secretary of the CLMC also stated in the memorandum.

Vicky Nanjappa