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Team Anna CAN'T swim in muck: Santosh Hegde

August 03, 2012 13:01 IST

Justice Santosh Hegde, a member of Team Anna, is not in favour of activist Anna Hazare and his supporters joining politics. He explains why he so stringently opposes the idea to's Vicky Nanjappa

"Team Anna does not know the art of swimming in the muck and hence joining politics is a very bad idea.

"Anna Hazare has championed the cause against corruption. Of course, people hate corruption, but then that hatred does not convert into votes. I do not think they have experience in the political field. One needs to swim in the muck to be successful in politics and I don't think they have the expertise to do so.

"To enter politics, one needs a lot of money, manpower and workers who have the expertise to go door-to-door to seek votes. Anna Hazare's team does not have all these. In my opinion, joining politics is a bad idea.

"A bigger worry will be the choice of candidates. There will be people with vested interests who will want to nurture their political ambitions. The very purpose of the movement will be lost then.

"Undoubtedly, Anna has a huge following. But there is clearly a fatigue factor among his supporters and these people will not come to the maidan everyday. Anna should have travelled across the country to spread the message instead of trying to get into politics. But I do not want to let down his decision as there is a need for change in political thinking.

"On whether to enter the political arena or not, it is a clear no from my side. But if I know of candidates who can change the system, I will support them.

"I had expressed my displeasure about making this a political movement in the past too. Today, Anna will be looked as a politician. Throughout, our attack was against these very politicians. If we enter the system, we become part of it and hence cannot crib about it. There is a need to work towards change.

"On whether Anna Hazare was tricked into entering politics, I won't be able to say anything about that. I think some members of his team have held political ambitions since some time. I feel that there was some deep thinking (by members of Team Anna) before this decision to join politics was taken".

Vicky Nanjappa