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Power Grid collapse: BJP accuses govt of shifting blame

August 02, 2012 03:58 IST

Wednesday that the party would raise the issue of two major power failures in the Monsoon Session of Parliament, and would demand that the government institutes a high-level inquiry.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters on Wednesday, Javadekar said, "The unprecedented grid failure is a result of negligence, incompetence and complete abdication of its responsibility on the part of the Central government."

He accused that the Central government is hiding some important facts which are the real cause of the grid failure.

"Instead of accepting its follies, the Central government is diverting the attention of the country by blaming some states for overdraw. The BJP believes that this failure is the result of regulatory or administrative failure than technical failure," he said.

"The BJP wants to raise the following issues for the enquiry: If the Grid Code would have been followed, the catastrophe could have been avoided. Why was the Grid Code not strictly adhered to?" he asked.

Whether it was a case of overdraw at the wee hours on Sunday or was it a case of over- supply? If it was a case of overdraw, why did the 'under frequency' relay not work ? If it was a case of oversupply and more frequency, then why did the 'over frequency relay' not work? What were the regional power controllers were doing when the crisis was developing?" he asked.

"Why did the Central government did not complete its 11th five-year-plan of standardisation and integration of the modules in 16 states, which would have enabled load balancing? Why only Rs 1,000 crore was spent under this programme when the budget was Rs 16,000 crore?" Javadekar pointed out.

"I want to know Why the Central government has not resolved the complaints of the various states about the discrimination of the central quota of power?" he said.

Onkar Singh in New Delhi