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MOS draft between govt, Assam militant outfit finalised

June 15, 2012 14:13 IST

Although a memorandum of settlement (MOS) has been finalised between the Centre and the leadership of the Dima Halam Daogah (D) militant outfit in a marathon meeting held in New Delhi on June 12, top DHD (D) leaders including its supremo Dilip Nunisa are still camping in the national capital as the Assam government is yet to receive the proposed draft MOS.

The major highlights of the proposed draft MOS include incorporation of few more Dimasa inhabited contiguous villages with the existing Dima Hasao District, a package of about Rs 200 to Rs 250 crore for the next five years and recruitment of about 1,500 surrendered militants and other able-bodied youngsters from the district into the Assam police, Central paramilitary wings, Assam Rifles and the army.

"The draft MOS is yet to be sent to Assam. However, we are very positive. We have revised our charter of demands at least twice and placed it again. Hope this time Assam government will approve the draft MOS. Once it is ready, we will be happy to disclose the details of the agreement," said DHD (D) supremo Dilip Nunisa.

It is reliably learnt that Nunisa will meet the interlocutor P C Haldar to find out the status of the draft MOS. However, if it delays further, he would leave for Assam and come back again as and when the government decides the date for signing of the final tripartite accord.

Corroborating the DHD (D) supremo Dilip Nunisa's statement, a senior Assam government official on condition of anonymity said that the draft MOS, signed by the DHD (D) and the Indian government and interlocutor, is yet to be received by the Assam government. Once it is received, Dispur will take some time to "scan through the draft agreement and its terms and conditions carefully" before giving its final nod on the draft MOS.

"Our representative Additional Director General of Police Khagen Sarmah was present in the meeting. We know the decisions of the meeting and the draft MOS. Once we get the official communiqué, we will decide on the approval", the official added.

"We have to see which are the villages to be incorporated as per the revised draft MOS. Earlier, we agreed to incorporate only one village into the existing Dima Hasao District against their demand of 94 villages. Now few more villages are proposed to be incorporated. We have to see which are those villages and only then we will give our final stamp of approval," he said.

Sources in Delhi, however, indicated that "the modalities are now being worked out. The accord is expected to be signed by next month. The ceasefire agreement will expire on June 30. We will try to complete the process without further extension of the ceasefire agreement."

Meanwhile a member of the DHD (D) said that both the Centre and the Assam government have refused to raise a separate Dimaraje battalion like the India Reserve Battalion. But they have agreed to recruit at least 1,500 cadres from both underground factions as well as other youth from the Dima Hasao district in the Assam police, CRPF, BSF and other Central Paramilitary wings, Assam Rifles and Army.

Although the DHD (D) demanded Rs 1,000 crore each year for the next ten years for the development of the district, the Centre is learnt to have reduced the amount between Rs 200 crore to Rs 250 crore.

For the June 12 meeting, the DHD (D) was represented by the DHD supremo Dilip Nunisa, Commander-in-Chief Pranab Nunisa and Chief Publicity Secretary Barman. The Assam government was represented by the Additional Director General of Police, Khagen Sarmah. The Centre was represented by the MHA Joint Secretary (North East) Shambhu Singh, Deputy Secretary Ajay Kanoujia, interlocutor P C Haldar and other officials.

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