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I believe in politics of 'badlav' not 'badla': Modi hits back at Mamata

May 04, 2014 15:16 IST

Taking a jibe at Mamata Banerjee over her "paper tiger" comment, Narendra Modi on Sunday said that a real tiger is one who jails those involved in the Sharada chit fund scam and gets back money of the poor.

Modi also said that Banerjee's attack on him would not deter him in helping Bengal if the Bharatiya Janata Party comes to power at the Centre and a strong BJP government would also ensure that the West Bengal chief minister does her job seriously.

"A tiger is the one who sends those involved in Sharada chit fund scam to jail, investigate the matter and get back the money of the poor. I am surprised. Didi, why are you afraid of a paper tiger. If a paper tiger has proved this costly for her, then what will happen if a real tiger comes before you," Modi said while addressing a rally in Bankura.

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The BJP's prime ministerial candidate said the real tigers of Bengal were its youth.

Three days back, Banerjee had taken swipe at Modi, saying there was a difference between a 'paper tiger' and a Royal Bengal Tiger.

Modi said, "Didi's" attack on him will not be an impediment for Bengal and its development, if the BJP comes to power."

The Gujarat chief minister said that he does not believe in politics of "revenge" (badla), but politics of "badlav (change).

"Didi has bad-mouthed me, launched attacks and leveled false charges. But let me assure you that I will serve people of Bengal and work for them. I believe in politics of change and not revenge," he said, adding that Bengal had suffered injustice for 60 years because of the central government.

The West Bengal chief minister and Modi have engaged in verbal slugfest over several issues and have launched vitriolic attacks on each other.

Appealing to the voters, Modi said that if the BJP is elected to power, it will be a double profit for the people of Bengal.

"I am giving you a formula. If a strong BJP government comes to power at the Centre then Didi also has to stop her drama and show some seriousness in running the government.”

"If I make 100 kiolmetres of roads, then she has to at least make 10 kms of road. If I build one-lakh houses then she has to build 10,000 houses," he said.

Modi said Bangladeshi infiltrators who were allowed into the country for vote bank politics would have to go back, while refugees who have been thrown out of Bangladesh on religious grounds would be greeted with open arms.

"BJP's position is very clear, vote bank politics has destroyed the country... Those who are Bangladeshi infiltrators, will have to go back," Modi said.

"Two types of people have come from Bangladesh -- the refugees who have been thrown out in the name of religion and the infiltrators," he said.

"In any country of the world if there are Indians in whose blood the colour of India runs, if they are ethnic Indians, whatever be the colour of their passport. Should not they come to India and be greeted with open arms?”

"Those who are thrown out of Bangladesh, should they come to India or not? ... Those who are thrown out of Bangladesh, those who observe Durgastami and speak Bengali, they are all our Mother India's children. They will get the same respect just as any Indian," he said.

Alleging that neither the Left, Congress or the Trinamool Congress were concerned whether the youths of the country get jobs, he said, “Tthey, however, ensure that the Bangladeshi infiltrators get jobs so that their votes are cast in their favour."

"Our first responsibility is to give opportunities for income to our countrymen and not to infiltrators," Modi said.

At an election rally in Srirampur last week, Modi had said that Bangladeshis would be pushed out with their bags and baggages after election results on May 16.

Image: West Bengal CM had taken swipe at Narendra Modi saying there was a difference between a 'paper tiger' and a Royal Bengal Tiger.

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