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Rediff News  All News  » News » Indian-Pakistani lovers in the dock in Dubai for 'hugging and kissing'

Indian-Pakistani lovers in the dock in Dubai for 'hugging and kissing'

October 30, 2012 13:29 IST
A Pakistani student and her Indian lover, who became friends on Facebook, have been accused of cuddling and kissing each other consensually after he promised to marry her in Dubai.

The student admitted in court that she cuddled and kissed her lover nearly 20 times in his flat.

"Yes it's true. We hugged and kissed several times but that was after he promised to marry me," the girl claimed when she entered a guilty plea before the Dubai misdemeanor court.

Prosecutors accused the couple, both aged 24, with hugging and kissing consensually without being married.

According to Gulf News, the Indian boy, who works in customer services, also entered a guilty plea, but denied that he promised to marry her.

Prosecution said that the boy's family reported to police that the girl repeatedly harassed them and kept coming to their flat wanting to coerce their son into marrying her.

The couple claimed that they used to spend long hours at each other's residence and watch movies or meet in coffee shops or restaurants.

Records said that their friendship developed into a love relationship and they started exchanging hugs and kisses every time they met.

"Our love affair blossomed in 2010. We had consensual sex several times at his residence in Dubai International City. The last time we slept together was at my residence in the same area in August. We cuddled and kissed and had protected sex. We slept together more than 20 times, I slept with him after he promised to marry me," the girl told the prosecutors.

Meanwhile, the man confessed during prosecution questioning that he cuddled and kissed with the student, but denied sleeping with her.

"We had a love affair more than two years ago, but I never slept with her. However, her claims that we hugged and kissed are true and factual. She constantly asked me to hug and kiss her whenever she felt depressed. I persistently refused to sleep with her whenever she begged me to do so," he said.

According to the report, the girl also said that she doesn't mind marrying the man despite religious differences.

Source: ANI